Safeway Ad for This Week

Safeway Ad for 2.16-2.22.2022 To View Online

Safeway Ad for 2.16-2.22.2022 is our focus here. We’ll be going through this mailer and finding some of the great deals that they have for you this week. There are a number of them that I think you’ll like to see.

Safeway Ad for 2.16-2.22.2022

First things first, we’re looking at some really tasty Signature Farms Pork Sirloin Chops for 88 cents/pound. Bone-in or Foster Farms Whole Chicken at $1.29 per LB Member price in the Safeway Ad for 2.16-2.22.2022.

Red or Green Seedless Grapes, $1.88/LB member price. They also have USDA choice boneless beef top round London broil or signature farms 90% lean ground beef for $3.99/LB member price. You can grab some cucumber or red/green bell pepper, 10 for $10 member price.

Cheep Chicken Monday – 2/21 only!

You can get $6 each member pricing on 8-piece fried or roasted chicken. waterfront BISTRO Raw Bag Shrimp Sale is BOGO free in Safeway Ad for 2.16-2.22.2022.

Pepsi 12-pack, 12-oz cans, 6-pack, 16.9 oz or 8 pack, 16-oz are buy-2 get-2 free of equal or lesser value.

More Snacks, Fish, and Meat in Safeway Ad for 2.16-2.22.2022

Doritos Tortilla Chips, Cheetos, Fritos, and Smartfood Popcorn are $1.99 each, member price. Cheez-It, Snap’d or New! Puff’d Crackers, Mother’s Cookies, and Keebler Cookies are BOGO free, member price.

Edna Valley 750 ml, Barefoot Cellars or Sutter Home mix & match, $7.99 each member price when you buy 6 or more.

Signature SELECT Buttertop bread, English muffins, or Bagels are 88 cents – member price. Lucerne Shredded Chunk or Sliced Cheese, $1.99 member price, so you can save some money with those.

Yogurt, Soup, and that Meat

Chobani Greek Yogurt, 79 cents each, member price. Progresso Soup, 4 for $5 member price. In this Safeway Ad for 2.16-2.22.2022, they’re perfecting the art of fresh. In fact, they’re hooked on fresh.

Fresh Atlantic Salmon Whole Fillets are 10.99/LB member price. Jumbo cooked shrimp 9.99 LB member pricing. Van de Kamp’s Seafood Selections are $4.99 each, member pricing.

Pick up some Jennie-O 85% lean ground turkey – perfect for turkey burgers – for $2.99/LB member price. You can also grab some Rosie Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts or Thin Sliced Fillets for $8.49 LB member price. Those chicken breasts are easier to cook than you think!

This Safeway Ad for 2.16-2.22.2022 Also Has Impossible Meats

Specifically, they have impossible sausage in there. I know it sounds impossible, but that’s really sausage made from plants. Adaptable Meals Pork Loin Chops are $4.49 each, member price is $4.49 each. Open Nature Grass Fed 85% Lean Angus Ground Beef or Patties are $6.99 each member price.

Safeway Ad for 2.16-2.22.2022

Open Nature Wild Alaska Cod Fillet $8.29 LB member price. MorningStar Farms Incogmeato Chicken, plant-based nuggets are $5.99 member price. Smithfield bacon is $5.99 member price. Busseto Salami is $6.99 each, member price.

In the bakery part of the Safeway Ad for 2.16-2.22.2022, they’ve got San Luis Sourdough Round Bread for $4.49 member price. Cookies and cream cake slices are $1.99 member price.

Welch’s Juice Cocktail, 2 for $5 member price. Kellogg’s Eggo Waffles are 2 for $6 member price. Those look pretty darn good. C&W Petite frozen vegetables are 2 for $5, member price.

Safeway Ad for 2.16-2.22.2022
Safeway Ad for 2.16-2.22.2022
Safeway Ad for 2.16-2.22.2022