Walgreens Ad

The Walgreens ad will be our focus on this page. Why Walgreens? Well, sometimes when you’re in a pinch, that’s the best place to turn to for the things that you need. There are usually some pretty good deals and various ways that you can save money at this chain.

They have food, water, prescriptions, and plenty of other things there. Let’s take a look at some of the things we’ve seen in the Walgreens Ad in the past that you’ll probably see again in the future.

What We’ve Seen in the Past

In the past, these ads have had things like CoQ10, Nature Made Vitamin C Gummies, and Finest Nutrition Melatonin. They’ve also offered PreserVision Areds 2 formula, One A Day Men’s 50+ Health Advantage and Centrum Womens Multigummies.

The Walgreens Ad has also had various cleaning products in it before, including Bounce, Downy, and Tide Simply Laundry Care. You will probably be able to find various wellness products in your ad. I know we’ve seen things like Vicks NyQuil Honey in the past and Bogo deals for NicoDerm smoking cessation products.

More Walgreens Ad Fun

You’ll also be taken care of on snacks, since they have had things like Doritos on 2 for $6 deals or 1 for $4.09. There’s other Frito-Lay Chips that we see in the ads from time to time, too. M & M’s Share Size or Mars Minis Candies have been known to be on BOGO at 50% off, too. That’s pretty chocolatey.

I think it’s safe to say that when I see M&M’s in the Walgreens Ad next time, I’ll probably seriously consider getting some. You might not know this, but those little chocolate candies were originally invented as a military ration during WWII.

According to Military.com, the hard shell is designed to keep the chocolate inside from melting. That’s pretty neat. Now, let’s get back on course here.

Walgreens Ad Deals of the Week

Yep, there’s even weekly deals. I can’t promise that those will necessarily be in every ad. I sure hope they are, though. Some weekly deals we’ve seen include a variety of things.

Dove Men+Care, Olay Bath Care, and Secret or Old Spice Personal Care have all made appearances. All of ’em can help you stay clean and fresh!

If you like crumbs, then there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing some Nature Valley Crunchy granola bars at some point. Those have made an appearance before and so have Nature Valley Fruit & Nut bars.

We’ve also seen a handful of other things like Fiber One and Cinnamon Toast Crunch bars there. I can personally attest that those fiber one brownies are incredibly good. Never had the strawberry cheesecake flavor, but it’s probably worth a try if you see it in the Walgreens Ad.

Walgreens Ad for 1.30-2.5.2022