Safeway Ad for This Week

Safeway Ad for this Week is what we’re going to be covering here. It’s a safe bet that there will be some good deals in it. Historically, they’ve had all kinds of good things listed in their daily ads.

Those good things include whole chickens – yes, whole ones and delicious boneless beef Tri Tip roasts. Just the thought of one of those roasts with some green vegetables and tomatoes on the side gets my mouth watering like a wild animal. I hope there’s some coupons in there, too.

Fruit In the Safeway Ad

You’ll also be sure to find some delicious fruit like mangoes and oranges. Personally, those ones that are loaded with vitamin C are my favorite by a longshot. If you’re not a fan of natural sugar, don’t worry, because they have a lot of soda, too. Or pop, or Coke, whatever you call them, they’ve got Pepsi, 7UP’s, A&W’s, and others.

Now I know that chips are called chips pretty universally. You will find a lot of varieties of those in the Safeway Ad. Those will include things like Tostitos scoops, Ruffles Potato Chips, Lays Oven Baked chips, and Simply Cheetos. I didn’t even know that Cheetos could be so simple.

Soups, Ice Cream, and More

If you have a sweet tooth, then you’ll be happy to see they usually have a lot of ice cream in the Safeway Ad. So, you can find ones like Strawberry popsicles from Organics, Sorbet, and Vanilla Ice Cream in there.

Soup is great on a cold day, so, next time you need some, they’ve got you covered there. Plenty of variations of Progresso will warm you up.

Meats on Meats in the Safeway Ad

I like meat and veggies, so, I was really happy to see their selection in the last ad I looked at. I saw some delicious looking Rosie Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts or Thin Sliced Fillets.

You’ll probably see those again. At least I hope you will, the things look incredible. It also looks like they carry ground turkey. So, if you prefer that over chicken (which, I’ll admit that I do sometimes) then you can make some tasty turkey burgers there.

Safeway Ad

Turkey Bacon? You Betcha

Yes, they even have turkey bacon in the Safeway Ad sometimes. That’s Jennie-O Turkey Bacon. You can also try Smithfield Thick Cut Bacon. Getting back to a classic, they also have Signature Select Gourmet Beef Burger Patties, so, those can help at your next BBQ.

Don’t forget your omega-3 fish oils. Safeway Ads have Fresh Atlantic Salmon Whole Fillets and even Jumbo Cooked Shrimp. I love shrimp. There’s a million different ways to prepare it, too. Skewers, salad, surf and turf (just to name a few).

Snow crab clusters are also an option if you want a good appetizer. Rockfish Fillets are also a good choice for a main meal.