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Tip calculator can come in handy for a couple different situations. Maybe you go out to eat and need to pull it up quick at the end of your meal. You may also need it if you get your hair cut and want to leave your barber or stylist a tip. Those are some of the really common times you may need the tip calculator, but there’s more.

Let’s go over the various situations you might need one where you owe somebody a little extra money for a service. There are also times where you might not need to calculate it and a flat dollar amount works, too.

1. Food and Drink

If you’re at a restaurant or bar grabbing some drinks, consider a 15-20% tip if the service is good. That’s based on the pre-tax amount, but if you’re feeling generous, you could include tax and then calculate the tip with our tool here. For example, if you get a drink that’s $5, give the bartender a $1 tip (and add the tax after).

2. Barber or Hair Stylist Tip Calculator

When going to a barbershop or a salon, the 15-20% tip is also a good rule of thumb.

3. Contractors

These can be anyone from your cement guy to the person who you usually hire to paint a room. While tradesmen probably won’t expect a tip, they’ll appreciate it if you give them a $20 for doing something extra. That goes for the kid shoveling your snow, too. If he’s also chipping up the ice and going above and beyond, the extra money will be appreciated. This is one of those times where you probably don’t need a tip calculator.

4. Tip Calculator for Movers

For movers, giving each person $20-$25 is fair. Again, probably no need for our tool in that situation.

5. Maids

If you hire a cleaning service to take care of the dust around your house, they won’t be expecting a tip. You could, however, give them a little something around Christmas time to show that you appreciate what they do. Tipping housekeeping at a hotel is optional but very appreciated.

6. Tip Calculator for Pest Control

If you’ve ever had bed bugs or mice in your house, you know how much you love seeing the exterminator’s truck. Even though they probably won’t expect a tip, they also won’t mind getting a little cash after they get the bugs out of your bed.

7. Roadside Assistance

Getting a flat tire or having your car break down is never fun. That’s why most people have AAA or some other roadside service. But should you tip the person who pulls up to fix a flat or give you a tow? You probably don’t need our tip calculator for it, but you could give them a little money. Check first to see if the company you use allows their drivers to accept tips.

Food/Drink Tipping Etiquette Based on Your Country

Real quick, let’s talk about where it makes sense to use our tip calculator. Not every country is exactly the same and in some cases it’s actually insulting to tip! Here are the guidelines for a few countries that a lot of tourists go to.

UK and France

In some places throughout the UK and France, they will calculate the tip ahead of time and add it to your bill. If that doesn’t happen, restaurants will be looking for a 10-15% tip.

Tip Calculator for Netherlands, Spain or Switzerland?

Those three countries will usually include a service fee in the price of food/drink, so don’t worry about it.

What About Italy, Greece, Austria or Germany?

Keep the major tips (5-10%) to the fancy restaurants. A more casual spot may not expect a tip but leaving the change or a little more than that would be appreciated.

Japan, China, or South Korea

Don’t tip or talk about our tip calculator. I mean, I guess you could talk about it but still. They view it as an insult to be tipped, so save your money.

Vietnam, Taiwan, India, and Philippines

Tip about 10% if it’s not already included in the bill.

Should You Use the Tip Calculator in Indonesia, Malaysia, or Singapore?

You don’t need to, just leave a little extra change. Typically, they’ll include it in the final bill, about 10%.

Ecuador, Chile, Nicaragua, and Argentina

Keep this tip calculator bookmarked if you’re visiting one of these places. They’ll be expecting you to tip about 10%. At the same time, they might add a service fee, so just pay attention to that.

Peru and Mexico, Should You Use the Tip Calculator There?

The tip calculator will be useful here. It’s safe to say you’ll be plugging in about 10-15% for restaurants and bars in Peru and Mexico.

Brazil and Costa Rica

Save your money – the tip’s already included with your bill in these places.

Jordan and Egypt

People would generally use our tip calculator to add gratuity between 5% and 10% of their bill here.

Israel and Dubai

Although you can leave some money at the table, there may be certain service fees required by the government already in the bill.

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Quatar: Should You Use the Tip Calculator There?

These countries have similar expectations as the U.S. for tipping. That means punch in 15-20% when the service is good.

Should You Tip in New Zealand or Australia?

At a decent restaurant, consider tipping between 10-15%.

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