Aldi Dried Mediterranean Apricots Review

Aldi Dried Mediterranean Apricots are on the menu for me today.

I’ll be trying them out as the third installment in Southern Grove products that I’ve bought from there lately.

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Personally, I like to eat pretty healthy. Lots of fruits, nuts, White Castle, all the good stuff. I haven’t felt the same way about every Southern Grove thing that I’ve bought so far. However, my only issues have been a little bit too much sugar in their blueberries.

The raisins were awesome, and these Aldi Dried Mediterranean Apricots look like they should be similar. When I was a kid, I didn’t really like apricots very much. I can’t say that I’ve ever actually had a regular apricot like I’ve had apples or blueberries.

Anytime I’ve ever eaten these, it’s been in the dried form, which is fine. They’re a lot like candy, minus the added sugars. The last ad that I saw didn’t have these on sale or anything, but keep an eye out – you never know when they might be discounted. They ran $2.65 at my local Aldi store.

Other fun fact: the Mediterranean diet is pretty healthy for you.

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Aldi Dried Mediterranean Apricots Nutrition Facts

Aldi Dried Mediterranean Apricots

These are pretty simple when it comes to the nutrition facts. The Aldi Dried Mediterranean Apricots have 4 servings per container, that’s pretty good. Each serving is 7 pieces. It’s a solid little handful of them. Those 7 will also add up to 100 calories.

As far as fat goes, it doesn’t go anywhere. There isn’t any. If you want that, you’ll need to go with some walnuts or pecans added in. Those would be a pretty tasty addition, I think. There’s no cholesterol or sodium, either.

The real meat of this snack is in the carbs, although it’s still not that many at 7% of your daily value on those. It does pack a lot of good fiber, too. A lot of people don’t get enough of that, so, these could be good if you need to get more.

The thing that I really like is that there’s no added sugar. We’ll see how they taste with just the natural sugar in there soon.


dried apricot ingredients

The Aldi Dried Mediterranean Apricots are pretty cut and dry when it comes to the ingredients. Title says it all, frankly. You’re getting apricots and some preservatives, too. In case you’re wondering what the sulfites are, they’re a preservative typically used in wine. They help the apricots maintain their flavor.

They also want to warn you that even though they made the effort, there still might be pits or kernel fragments in the bag. The Aldi Twice as Nice guarantee is there too, as is tradition.

Aldi Dried Mediterranean Apricots Review

I had some of these as a snack today on top of the regular frozen fruit I usually have. They tasted about the same as any other dried apricot that I’ve had before. The sugar content was perfect, and extra added in there would have definitely messed things up.

These Aldi Dried Mediterranean Apricots are pretty filling. I think that’s probably because of the fiber content. I’ve had plenty of snacks before with 100 calories or more and the same amount of carbs and still been hungry soon after. These do a solid job of curbing my appetite. At the same time, I could definitely eat a whole bag at once if I brought it to my desk.

Nutrition Facts: Above Average

Ingredients: Average

Preparation: Average

Taste: Above Average

Rating: 8.661/10

Recommend? Yes

Bob Buckley

Bob Buckley writes about food and business.