Safeway Ad for This Week

Safeway Ad For 1.26-2.1.2022 For You to View

Safeway Ad For 1.26-2.1.2022 is what we’ll be focusing on here. If you want to skip the analysis and go straight to the ad, just scroll down to the bottom. I’ll be digging through and finding great deals, pricing, and plenty more to help guide your next shopping trip. All or most pricing is Member Pricing.

You will find things like Foster Farms Whole Chickens in this week’s ad. Maybe Signature Farms Assorted Pork Loin Chops will be your thing if not the chicken. Those are .99 cents a pound this week. They also have some delicious looking Boneless Beef Trip Tip Roast in a value pack.

That’s an Untrimmed Twin Pack. Or, waterfront BISTRO Jumbo Raw Shrimp 21 to 25-ct. Sold in a 2-lb bag, according to the Safeway Ad For 1.26-2.1.2022. They also have some oranges this week, too.

Soda Lovers Unite

There’s a wide variety of soda, pop (whatever you call it) this week at Safeway. Choose from things like Diet Pepsi, Pepsi, 7UP, Polar Seltzer and more. Those are 3 for $12 when you buy 3 of them. Not a bad deal at all. Then, you can stock up on some chips to go with the drinks.

The Safeway Ad For 1.26-2.1.2022 has Tostitos, Ruffles, Lays, and Simply Cheetos (didn’t know those were a thing but we’ll go with it!)

Then, there’s a wide variety of tasty stuff like their Panera Mac n’ Cheese Bowl, $6.99 and Signature Cafe Handheld Pizza, 2 for $9.

Safeway Ad For 1.26-2.1.2022 Breakfast Goodies

If you like baked goods, then you’ll be able to get some of those here. They’ve got Fresh Baked Croissants and Danishes for $5 each every day. Danishes are pretty darn good if you ask me. A good Danish and a good cup of coffee, what else do ya need?

The Safeway Ad For 1.26-2.1.2022 also has some great looking Florida Natural Orange Juice or Grapefruit Juice. I’ve never had grapefruit juice but it’s probably pretty good.

To go along with your breakfast, they also have Fage Greek Yogurt which looks pretty tasty. I’ve had that before, it’s actually really good. There’s also Lucerne Yogurt, which I didn’t know existed until right now. The only Lucerne I’d ever heard of was the Buick Lucerne.

Anyhow, the Safeway Ad For 1.26-2.1.2022 also has some pretty tasty looking Eggo Thick & Fluffy Waffles. They sort of look Belgian-style, which is definitely something new. The Eggo waffles that I’m used to are the thinner ones.

Safeway Ad For 1.26-2.1.2022 Has Your Drinking Needs Covered

They want you to get your drink on with favorites like Franzia 5-liter in selected varieties for $14.39 each when you buy 6 or more. That is allota wine!

Then, they have Cupcake or Barefoot Bubbly, 750-ml in selected varieties. Those are $8.09 each when you buy 6 or more. Sometimes, though, you need some of the harder stuff.

That’s why the Safeway Ad For 1.26-2.1.2022 has 750’s of Crown Royal, Grey Goose, and Bulleit for $23.39 when you buy 6 or more.


There is a ton of good stuff in this ad, just great deals galore. On top of all that, they have a ton of coupons that you can print online at this page of their site. Awesome.


Safeway Ad for 1.26-2.1.2022

Also, friendly reminder, we’re not affiliated with Safeway in any way. Not even a little bit. We just like analyzing their ad to help you save some money!