Meijer Ad This Week

Meijer Ad For 1.30-2.5.2022 for You to View

Meijer Ad for 1.30-2.5.2022 is our focus here. I’ll be digging into a lot of the deals in this weekly mailer and try to highlight as many as I can for you. There are plenty of deals this week, which is great to see.

Very bright red strawberries are 3 for $5. You can get some 80% Lean Ground Beef at $2.99/lb. Pretty good prices there.

The Meijer ad for 1.30-2.5.2022 also has Boneless Pork Loin Chops, $1 on BOGO. I really need to get better at cooking pork chops, one of these days I’ll do a series of chop recipes. There’s also Meijer or Frederik’s by Meijer Shrimp, those look really tasty and are on Bogo at 50% off.

More Meat in the Meijer ad for 1.30-2.5.2022

They don’t just offer some chicken on the front page this week. They’ve got Fresh from Meijer Rotisserie Chicken, Fresh from Meijer Deli Turkey/Chicken, and the Meijer Family Pack Chicken Drumsticks there.

Your meat and seafood options won’t stop there, though. They also have Certified Angus Beef, $9.99/lb and Certified Angus Beef Boneless Bottom Round Roast or Steak for $4.99/lb. That looks pretty good if you ask me.

But why let the buck stop there? You can get Boneless Center Cut Half Pork Loins or Pork Spareribs for $2.49/lb in the Meijer ad for 1.30-2.5.2022. If you want something besides those, check out the St. Louis Style Ribs for $3.99 per lb. We all know that they know how to make ribs in St. Louis, yes they do.

Good Deli and Bakery Things to Check Out

Your appetizers are taken care of here. They have various chips like Stacy’s Pita Chips, Stacy’s Thins and Bagel Chips (2 for $6). Then there’s some Meijer Tortilla Chips, 2 for $6 as well in the Meijer ad for 1.30-2.5.2022.

Don’t forget about the cheese you’ll need. They have Athenos Feta Cheese (yum) or Cabot Cheddar Cheese, 2 for $7 and BelGioioso Cheese on BOGO at 50% off. That’s both a deal and the most Italian Cheese I’ve ever seen. I love that name, BelGioioso

Meijer Ad for 1.30-2.5.2022

Friendly reminder, we’re not affiliated with the store whose ad we’re publishing here. We just really like to analyze things like this and give you the courtesy of making the ad available for download if you need a PDF copy. After a while, we do get rid of the old ones once they’re outdated because that just takes up space.