How To Hard Boil Eggs: The Fast And The Steamiest

How to hard boil eggs is what we’ll be going over today. Eggs work for many meals, not just breakfast. If you’ve never had one of those cheeseburgers with an egg on top, you’re missing out. While having a fried egg is pretty easy to make, there’s an even easier option in hard boiling. Thanks to modern technologies, you don’t even need to set up a pot of water on the stove.

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Next time you need a healthy snack, consider investing in one of those steamers to put your eggs in. A couple different brands offer them nowadays. We’ve got a Dash egg cooker at our house:

how to hard boil eggs

Technically, it’s steaming, but it’s still great for how to hard boil eggs

Alright, we should probably set one thing straight right away about this method. These machines actually steam the eggs, but, you get the same affect as if you boiled them. There are a couple drawbacks with the old fashioned way of doing it, anyway. One of the biggest ones is that when you hard boil eggs in a pot, you need to be attentive the whole time through a series of steps.

It takes at least a few quarts of water on the stove. Once you fill up the pot, you need to sit there for a few minutes to wait until the water is boiling, too. Once it’s actually at a boil, then you need to get your eggs in there and the process continues to take at least another 12-14-ish minutes. There’s a lot of work that goes into doing something that has a simpler way.

The Steaming Approach is Simple

When you steam your eggs, all you need to do is fill up a little water container like so:

Then pour it into a metal tray below where they eggs sit in the steamer. Fasten the lid on, plug it in, press the button, and away you go! Seriously, that’s all you need to do. These little machines steam the eggs until the water runs out and then they sound the most obnoxious alarm in history to let you know that the hard boiled eggs are done.

Part of me likes to think that a loud alarm for eggs is important, but, you can let hard boiled eggs sit out for around two hours. My buddy has one of these cookers and it doesn’t make a peep when it’s done. At the same time, having an egg cooker that beeps to let you know it’s finished is good, too.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to hard boil eggs with steam can put you in a position to eat a little bit healthier without sacrificing your time. These things embody “set it and forget it” for your cooking needs. Personally, I do think that frying eggs in a pan tastes a little bit better. However, during the week it’s way easier to just use the steamer and hard boil six at a time.