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Best Job Search Sites For You To Find Work

The best job search sites are right at your fingertips and they can help you land your next gig. Whether that’s a position with more work/life balance, flexibility, or even more money, they can all help with that.

We put together a list of the top ones out there that you can use to connect with companies and recruiters. You can even set up profiles to show that you’re looking for work.

Some also have reviews on companies so you can know which ones to possibly avoid as well. At the same time, take negative reviews with a grain of salt if they are overly critical of a company, you never know if that person is the problem or not.

Let’s check out those best job search sites!

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is at the top of the pile for a few reasons. Their job search function is just one of many features that the biggest professional social network out there has to offer. You can also connect directly with recruiters and other professionals at companies to try and get direct feedback on what it’s like working there.

I did that when I felt like I needed to make the jump to inside sales from my sales development rep role. A handful of reps (both inside and outside) were really helpful in letting me know what they thought of their companies when I would reach out to them.

All that being said, there are other job search websites that focus exclusively on job searching. Almost equally important, some of them have those reviews, too.

2. Best Job Search Sites: Glassdoor

Glassdoor is awesome. You can see tons of reviews that go over what a company is really like, get fairly reliable estimates on compensation, and apply for tons of positions. The only minor drawback is that pages can sometimes have issues and look a little bit cramped. Here’s an example of that:

glassdoor best job search sites

I had a pretty rough time trying to read the job description here in the lower right-hand corner on that page. Anyhow, they also have great resources for filtering your search and finding the right position in the right place. Those features definitely put it up there with the best job search sites.

The only other negative thing is that Glassdoor will make you add a salary or review to keep browsing the site once you get there. This can be a downer if you have no prior experience in the professional space. It could also invite fake reviews from people who just want to access the site since there’s no way for Glassdoor to verify the anonymous submissions they ask for.


Indeed is another of our best job search sites. Similar to Glassdoor, they have a platform where you can search for jobs, apply, and also take a look at people’s ratings of companies.

Indeed homepage

You can also upload your resume to make it easier for recruiters to find you, too.

4. Best Job Search Sites:

Monster is a pretty iconic website because of all the advertisements that they constantly run on television and elsewhere. You can use it to find jobs but also get useful information like career advice. This includes things like information on common interview questions, resume samples, and instructions for how to start looking for a job.

They even have resources specific to what type or what level of professional you are.

Tying Things Together

When it comes to searching for a new job, these best job search sites can be exactly what you need to land that next position. They have all the tools necessary to put yourself out there, get in front of new employers, and get interviewed for positions that pay the big bucks. A great first step to getting noticed professionally is going and making a LinkedIn account. Next, go and upload your resume to all of those websites. Best of luck!

Bob Buckley

Bob Buckley writes about food and business.