Aldi Ad for you to look at this week

Aldi Ad for 8.29-9.4.2021 to view online with analysis

The Aldi Ad for 8.29-9.4.2021 is our focus here. We’ll be going over some of the best looking deals with commentary and analysis help you find the best ones. We try to get something up for Aldi’s weekly circular every week to talk about it a little and see if there’s anything to buy and review.

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This week’s ad doesn’t mess around. Leading off right next to the Aldi logo, they’ve got 73% lean ground beef for $1.99 per pound. That delicious sounding ground beef is sandwiched between a bed of lettuce and some onions. Then, it’s all packed in by what could possibly be a brioche bun.

We need to wait for the boys at the lab to confirm that, though.

If you’re eating a giant burger, you need to balance things out with some fruit, Fortunately, the Aldi ad for 8.29-9.4.2021 has a lot of fruit right up top with the burger. There’s grapes for $1.99 that look pretty tasty. Those are California green grapes.

Then, there’s California peaches for $1.39 per pound. It’s hard to ignore those really good looking blueberries for $2.29 pound, too.

You’ll find even more fruits and vegetables in the Aldi Savers section of the ad. We’re talkin sliced white mushrooms for 99 cents per 8 ounce package, so, you can get a healthy dose of copper in your diet.

More Great Stuff In The Aldi Ad for 8.29-9.4.2021

They have Kiwi for $3.89 per 2 lb package. There’s also a deal where sweet corn is $2.49 per 4 pack, so, the barbecue meal can be complete.

Did somebody say greens? The Aldi ad for 8.29-9.4.2021 has great prices on organic spring mix lettuce and zucchini. The zucchini is only $2.29 per pound AND it’s organic, so, you’ll be able to afford eating healthy this week. The organic spring mix is $4.49 per 16-oz package.

I’m surprised that they didn’t say “per pound,” since 16 ounces is 1 pound.

The Aldi ad for 8.29-9.4.2021 also has a number of different meats in it besides the ground beef. There’s Fresh Lamb Loin Chops for $9.99 per pound. Then, they have a fresh family pack of chicken tenderloins.

Those cost $2.29 per pound. If those aren’t your thing, consider the Fresh Baby Back Pork Ribs for $3.89 per pound. In addition to that, there’s Cattleman’s Black Angus bacon & cheddar cheese or unseasoned Black Angus Patties.

*Quick reminder, we are not affiliated with Aldi in any way. We’re just digging into the ad and talking about it!