90% Lean Ground Beef Sirloin From Aldi Review

90% Lean Ground Beef Sirloin from Aldi is in my frying pan today. I’ll be going over the taste, cooking some of it, and giving you an idea if it’s something you should pick up.

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I’ve gone through a few different types of meat at this point. 93% ground beef mainly, but also some cuts of steak, pork, and chicken. There’s been some periodic ground turkey mixed in there for me as well.

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The 90% Lean Ground Beef that I got today can be good for a few things. You could use them to make hamburger patties, although 80 or 85% may be more appropriate. The way that I generally eat ground beef is just cooked up in a tortilla with some eggs or lettuce.

I’ll usually try to throw some seasoning in or at least some salt, too. My pan is usually a non-stick, but sometimes I’ll go with a cast-iron skilled to changes things up, too.

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Let’s do a quick run-through on the nutrition facts for this one.

90% Lean Ground Beef nutrition facts

Nutrition Facts For 90% Lean Ground Beef

This container was about 2.2 pounds, but we won’t get into the amount of servings. The amount changes after being cooked and I only had the first 4 oz’s for this review. Each serving is 190 calories, not too shabby. Your total fat in this 90% lean ground beef is 14% of your daily value. There’s 4.5 grams of saturated fat in there as well, that’s 22% of your daily value.

You’ll also be getting 24% of your daily value of cholesterol. Not much sodium or carbs in here. Lots of protein, though. It’s great if you’re trying to bulk up.

Down in the vitamins and minerals, the only really significant thing that you’ll be getting is iron with this 90% lean ground beef is some iron. Not like pumping iron, either. You know what it is.


The ingredients for this are pretty straightforward: beef. It’s what’s for dinner. But seriously, that’s all this is. Just beef and “natural flavoring.”

The Review

I chose to eat this 90% lean ground beef with a bowl of rice and three hard-boiled eggs. That may influence the review over just eating this without other foods, but, I felt like I had to add something. There was also a little Chalula hot sauce involved, if you catch my drip.

The meat was pretty easy to cook, I put it in the frying pan and cooked up around 4 oz’s at a time instead of everything at once. It actually went in the fridge after being cooled off because I did this during meal prep yesterday. Today, I grabbed it out of the fridge to combine it with rice and eggs.

After heating it in the microwave and throwing some Chalula on, I dug in. The 90% Lean Ground Beef did pretty well in the fridge and tasted similar to coming straight out of the pan. I’ll be looking forward to having more.

Nutrition Facts: Average

Ingredients: Above Average

Preparation: Average

Taste: Above Average

Rating: 8.2/10

Recommend? Yes

Bob Buckley

Bob Buckley writes about food and business.