Aldi Ad for you to look at this week

Aldi Ad for 7.25-7.31.2021 to view online [this week only]

We’ll be looking at the Aldi Ad for 7.25-7.31.2021 here today. Looks like a lot of good stuff there this week, lots of fruits and vegetables on the front page. The second has even more fun things for you to check out, including a kiddie pool that your dog can go for a dip in.

Our family recently picked up one of the pet pools from Aldi and our dog absolutely loves it. He’s a red lab, so he really enjoys being in the water. Here’s that Aldi ad for 7.25-7.31.2021:

The first thing in this Aldi Ad for 7.25-7.31.2021 that looks really good is the cantaloupe for $.99. That thing just looks tasty. Who doesn’t like some California Grapes for 95 cents a pound? Personally, I’m a big grape person. Those large Haas avocados look pretty tasty, too. They’re a great source of healthy fats.

But what if you need some Vitamin C in your life? No, not the singer, I’m talking about the essential vitamin for our bodies. You can get some for $3.99 per 3 pound bag at Aldi this week. If the sweeter C isn’t your thing, don’t worry – there’s also broccoli for $1.45 and that’s also really rich in Vitamin C.

They also have some papayas and organic peaches in this Aldi Ad for 7.25-7.31.2021 that look pretty solid. Further down that same page, you can find some great dinner options, like Greek Turkey Burger and fixens for BBQ Brisket Tacos.

Aldi Ad for 7.25-7.31.2021

Hopping toward the back of the ad, they’ve got some good looking fish and pizzas there. Fresh Atlantic Salmon is $7.79 in this week’s Aldi Ad for 7.25-7.31.2021.

There’s also some Fresh Herbed Salmon for $8.99 that you might enjoy. Not feeling fish this week? The 85% Lean Ground Beef looks pretty good at $3.19.

You can also get some Cattlemen’s Ranch Bacon Cheddar or unseasoned black angus patties, too. The pizzas are priced very competitively with other take-and-bakes.

Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen 16″ Supreme Deli Pizza runs for $5.99 in this Aldi Ad for 7.25-7.31.2021. There’s also a great looking five cheese pizza, too. That looks pretty tasty.