Aldi Ad for you to look at this week

Aldi Ad for 7.18-7.24.2021 to view or download

Aldi Ad for 7.18-7.24.2021 is what we’re looking at today. You can either view it online or download it here right now. I really looking at the Aldi Ad, there’s some very solid stuff in there. Last week’s was pretty good.

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I recently reviewed their dried blueberries, it looks like you can get some regular ones this week for a nice discount. They also have some strawberries for $1.29 per pound in this Aldi Ad for 7.18-7.24.2021 today.

Let’s see what else is in this week’s. There’s some California Peaches for 95 cents per pound, pretty good. It’s $1.90 per 2-lb bag of ’em.

The California Strawberries are $1.29 per 1-lb package.

Moving on, this Aldi Ad for 7.18-7.24.2021 has Little Salad Bar Flat Leaf Spinach for 99 cents. If California Peaches aren’t your thing, you can always check out some California Nectarines or California Plums for 95 cents.

I feel like nectarines are like the less-talented younger brother of peaches. Look, sometimes honesty hurts, alright? Plus, I’m that younger brother in real life so I can kinda make that joke.

Let’s find some more food stuff in the Aldi Ad for 7.18-7.24.2021, shall we?

In the same block of food, there’s some 100% Organic Grass-Fed 85/15 Ground beef. If you’re not familiar with what 85/15 means, it’s usually that the beef is 85% lean and 15% fat. At least that’s what all the meat I’ve ever bought has said.

There’s a few other cuts of meat available in this Aldi Ad for 7.18-7.24.2021 too. You can get some Fresh Family Pack chicken tenderloin for $2.19 per pound. In case you aren’t into chicken, check out the Fresh thick-Cut boneless pork chops for $3.29.

For those who like to be a cut above, you can get some fresh rack of lamb for $9.99 per pound. From my personal experience, I can tell you that it’s good at Aldi.