Target Ad for you to look at

Target Ad For 1.30-2.5.2022 For You with Analysis

Target Ad For 1.30-2.5.2022 is where we’re focused here. It’s that time of the week again to help you find as many deals as possible in the weekly Target mailer.

There’s something about shopping there that’s almost fun. It might be the red colors or the fact that there’s a lot of people walking around who are my age, I’m not sure. Either way, it’s fun to go. This edition has a lot of fun stuff related to Valentines day.

Target Ad for 1.30-2.5.2022 First Page

Page 1 is really just the cover, although right away we can see that there’s $5 and under exchange cards, mailboxes, & party supplies. Looks like some type of unicorn box going on there.

Page 2 – More Valentines Day Stuff

The second page of Target Ad for 1.30-2.5.2022 has more Valentines day stuff.

This page of the Target Ad for1.30-2.5.2022 is more of the same stuff on the exchange cards. There are also V-Day themed paper plates, gift bags, and various candies. Back in my day, I’d go nuts with the candy on Valentines day. I’d really eat a lot and make myself sick. Fun times.

Target Ad For 1.30-2.5.2022

Page 3 gets pretty serious. There’s big heart shaped containers of Reese’s and Kit Kat minis, which looks pretty nice. It’s tough to have anything against chocolate, especially Reese’s or KitKat’s.

There are also various other ones like Reese’s hearts and conversation kisses for $3.59. You can also save 20% with circle in this Target Ad for1.30-2.5.2022 so that’s good.

Target Ad for1.30-2.5.2022

Jumping to page 7 here they have a handful of Valentines day dog toys that are $5. The Target Ad For 1.30-2.5.2022 really has it all this week. Those toys, like the heart with an arrow through it and the mini lobster are both $5.

Then, there’s the Valentines day “Pooch Pack” for $9.99. My doggo would do somersaults for that. Following that, they have Milk-Bone Valentine mini dog biscuits for $9.99 as well.

The Target Ad For 1.30-2.5.2022 also has lots of dog food and other things you need, like cat litter.

Check out the rest of the ad on their website here.