Target Ad for you to look at

Target Ad will be posted here each week. You can view it online and probably download it eventually like other ones. We will do our best to accommodate all users of the site for viewing it.

My favorite thing about the Target ad

The part that I like most about it is how much money I can save every week. I feel like that’s what most of us are thinking when we shop. Where can we go to get the best deals?

On top of that, the Target ad itself is always very vibrant and colorful. Something about it being red makes me want to read it a little more than the ones from other brands. Plus, Target actually started where we’re based┬áin Minneapolis.

Going there in general is fun, even to walk around sometimes. There have been countless school years where I’ve seen the Target Ad and gone there to get ready for class. They’re never short on pens, pencils, notebooks or anything else.

They even have awesome miscellaneous stuff there. One time, I stumbled on to an endcap that had a bunch of neat lights and those plasma balls. Those are the things that look like they have purple lightening in them and it goes to whichever part of the orb that you touch.

Another time I saw the Target Ad and it introduced me to these sweet beanbag chairs. Then, when I was wandering around the store on a different occasion, I found out they sold Heelys there at a huge discount.

Don’t get me started on how awesome their food court and electronics section is. Now they even sell alcohol at a lot of their locations, it really does have everything!