Personal Development

Making the Most of Your Time After Graduation

So, you graduated college. The pomp and circumstance has concluded, you’ve packed up your belongings, and now it’s time to face the life-long endeavor you’ve heard about for years: post-grad life, also known as “The Real World”.

However, the time off before starting your next adventure (if you are lucky enough to even have time off), can bring its own set of challenges. There are the logistical frustrations such as moving an entire dorm room or apartment back to your family home or a place of your own, the professional worries of finding or preparing for your first job, and lastly, the mental setbacks that are associated with excessive free time.

Over the course of one’s time in college, most days have a sort of schedule to be followed. You wake up, go to class, and fill the gaps of the day with food or socialization with your friends on campus. The sudden shift from having your days planned for even weeks at a time to not knowing what you are doing until the day is almost over can immensely impact your sense of being. Your mental health can become clouded with feelings of boredom, frustration, and lack of purpose (even though you’re starting a job, internship, or your next level of education within the coming weeks or months).

It’s okay to not be booked up 24/7.

With this being said, it is crucial to keep yourself sharp and engaged before your next adventure begins. This can be done by physical and mental means, such as starting a workout regime, reading up on different skills relevant to you and your profession, or simply taking the time to explore the world around you. Make yourself a priority, because you will be giving so much of yourself to your future endeavors. Use this time to build the strongest sense of self you possibly can, and the days of boredom will fly by.


Hi! I am a 22 year old Pittsburgh native, and 2019 graduate of Duquesne University. I studied Health Management Systems and minored in Legal Studies, and I am now in a 2-year leadership development rotational program in health IT for a large health system in Pittsburgh, PA. I'll be heading back for my MBA in Spring of 2020. When I'm not studying or working, I enjoy working out, being a tourist in my own city, and online shopping!