The Benefits of Your Dog Coming to College

As they drive off to school for another semester, everyone with a dog has the heart-wrenching moment of realization that they won’t see their animal for a few months. But what would happen if your four-legged friend came with? We have some good guesses.

1. You’ll save on heating.

2. You’ll have a muddy study buddy.

3. There will be someone to lick your face, and it won’t be weird.

4. You’ll have an instant people magnet. Both women and men, it’ll make more friends for you.

5. Have another intramural basketball player.

6. No Leftovers Going to Waste

Probably don’t need a visual for this one.

7. Have to put chocolate on the top shelf.

So like, you’ll eat less of it and lose weight?

 8. A dog is a flaming bag of poop factory for pranks.

9.¬†Someone to pull you from class to class if it’s snowy.


10. You’ll have someone to kick back and relax with after a long week.