Meijer Ad This Week

Meijer Ad for 2.13-2.19.2022 To View or Download

Meijer Ad for 2.13-2.19.2022 is our focus here. We’re going to be running through this and finding the best deals for you this week.

First thing I’m seeing in this Meijer Ad for 2.13-2.19.2022 is their Minneola or Cara Cara Oranges that are on sale for $2.99. Fruit’s great, but if you really want a meal that’ll carry you through a few hours of work, take a look at their Pork Loin Assorted Chops.

Those are 99 cents a LB. Pork Loin Center Cut Chops, bone in are 1.49 LB. Those look like they go well with potatoes and green beans. A green bean casserole would also be a great side dish with a pork chop meal.

Meijer Ad for 2.13-2.19.2022 Has More Greens

Get some Asparagus for $1.49/LB and some Brussels Sprouts for $1.99/LB this week. I’ve had some pretty good sides made with brussels sprouts and butter. Really, really tasty.

Pick up some Certified Angus Beef Ground Beef from Chuck for $3.99/LB in a 3.5 LB package. That would work great for making some meatloaf like we did the other day.

Meijer Ad for 2.13-2.19.2022 also has chicken, $1.29/LB which is on sale. That’s drumsticks or whole chickens.

Fruits, Fish, and Sandwiches

Blueberries are on sale for $1.69 for a pint container. For $4.99, you can get a 20-ct. ultimate or seasonal shaped sugar cookies. The ones pictured are chocolate chip, which I think is kind of interesting.

Get Armour Deli Novara Hard Salami, Viriginia Ham, or Cabot Cheese for $5.99/LB. You can make some pretty good sandwiches with that meat. Meijer or Frederik’s by Meijer Shrimp BOGO 50% off Meijer Ad for 2.13-2.19.2022.

Curly’s BBQ Pulled Pork sandwiches are $4.69 each when you buy 5. That’s the sale price, so you’ll save about $1 per sandwich.

Yogurt and Other Breakfast Options in Meijer Ad for 2.13-2.19.2022

Dannon Light & Fit, Oikos or Chobani Greek Yogurt are $2.49 each when you buy 5. General Mills Large Size Cereal are $2.49 each when you buy 5. That includes cereal like Lucky Charms large size and Honey Nut Cheerios large size. That’s a lot of honey and nuts.

If you’re having company and you need some snacks, consider buying Doritos for $1.99 each or Lay’s Potato Chips for $1.99 each when you buy 5. You can grab some Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or Dr Pepper products for $7.99 each when you buy 5. Those are 24 packs of 12 oz cans.

That’s perfect if you’re throwing a party or something. The Meijer Ad for 2.13-2.19.2022 has even more meat and seafood that all looks really good. There’s Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Sausage Links or Patties, 2 for $7 when you buy 2 or more. Certified Angus Beef, Top Round Roast or Steaks.

More of the Meats

Certified Angus Beef Boneless Ribeye Steak is $12.99/LB, that looks pretty good. Get some tasty marinade on there and you’re in business. There are some St. Louis Style Ribs for $3.99/LB that look incredible.

Some boneless center-cut half pork loins or pork spareribs are $3.49/LB in the Meijer Ad for 2.13-2.19.2022. Those look good too.

There’s way more good stuff, like Oreo Cones and Oreo Bars, which look and sound incredible. Seriously, if you didn’t know those were a thing, you gotta scroll through the ad until you find them. They’re on sale, 2 for $7 this week. I could definitely see myself picking some of those up.