Kroger Weekly Ad

Kroger Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022 With Analysis

Kroger Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022 is our focus here. I will be breaking down a couple of the great looking deals that they have and discussing those with the prices. Some of the food this week really looks tasty, I mean they’ve got all kinds of meats, soups, fruits, and more in here. I can’t wait to dig in, let’s do it.

The first thing that they’ve got on page 1 are some great looking large Fuji, Gala, and Pink Lady apples for $1.27/LB with card. There are also Simple Truth Organic Honeycrisp Apples, 2 LB bags, $4.99 with card.

More Fruit and Meat in Kroger Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022

You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Your vitamin C needs are covered, since they have 5 Lb Adorbs Seedless Mandarins for $5.99 with card. Those look tasty, they’re like a cross between an orange and a clementine.

The 73% Lean Ground Beef that they have for $2.77/LB looks pretty tasty. There’s also some Boneless Chuck Roast for $4.99/LB with card that looks good. If you need something else, they also have Boneless Stew Beef, Family Pack for $6.99/LB in the Kroger Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022.

Fish and Chips

They’ve got Fresh Atlantic Salmon Whole Fillets for $7.99/LB with Card and Ruffles Potato Chips, $1.99/each with card when you buy 4 at once. You can also get some shrimp instead in the Kroger Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022. Colossal Shrimp, Raw, 13-15 ct. Sold in a 2 LB bag for $15.98. I could go for some colossal shrimp.

I saw some Smartfood Popcorn in there, too, as a part of the buy 4 at once thing. That also looks good. Definitely a great buy in the Kroger Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022 if you’re having a Super Bowl party.

Soda and Other Things

There’s some good-looking soda, 4 for $12 when you buy 4. Those are 6-Packs of 16.9 FL oz bottles or 6 packs of 7.5 FL oz cans. They have Big Red, Coke, and Pepsi.

Other drinks this week include Chobani Oatmilk for (what looks like) $2.49/each with card. Also, some orange juice in the Kroger Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022 for $2.77 with card and digital coupon. Milk is 87 cents with card and digital coupon, too.

You can’t have milk without eggs. That’s why the eggs are $3.97 each with card and digital coupon.

Kroger Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022

Final Thoughts on Kroger Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022

There’s quite a bit of good-looking stuff in the Kroger Ad For 2.2-2.8.2022. To help you wake up the day after your Super Bowl party, they have various interesting coffee flavors. I’m mainly talking about the Donut Shop Snickers that they have. There’s also the classic Maxwell House and the much fancier Gevalia coffee.

To go with your coffee for breakfast, they also have Honey Nut Cheerios, Life cereal, and Peanut Butter Crunch. I wonder if peanut butter crunch still cuts the roof of people’s mouths. I’ll need to go get some for a review and find out!