How to Make Eggs: A Quick and Easy Way

How to make eggs, you ask? It’s not as hard as you think. In fact, it can be pretty quick with minimal mess if you have the right cookware. Eggs on their own are fine to eat, but they also work really well with other stuff.

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You can make eggs and toast, have them with steak, sausage, and a ton of other awesome meals out of these. Plus, there are also a handful of different ways to make them.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at making some fried eggs and throwing them on top of some ground beef and tortillas. The beef will be cooked beforehand to get he pan greased up with a little bit of its fat.

The meat isn’t too fatty, it’s 93% lean/7% fat but it will leave enough in the pan to help the eggs move around. On top of that, I’m using a non-stick pan.

Eggs Are Also Super Healthy For You

Seriously, eggs have about 70 calories in them and about 6 grams of protein, too. They also provide a lot of the good kind of cholesterol as well. Great source of vitamin b. Plus, the chickens that lay them are always up to something. Haven’t you ever seen that movie chicken run?

They’re always getting into all kinds of chicken-related shenanigans and what not.

What You’ll Need For This

  • Grade A or AA Eggs – preferably 3 of them
  • Frying Pan or Cast Iron Skillet
  • Spatula or wooden spoon
  • Butter or coconut oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Plate

Step 1

Turn on your stove’s burner to medium-high heat and let the pan get hot. Assuming you didn’t just cook bacon or something fatty beforehand, you should put something like butter or coconut oil in the pan. I’ve also used olive oil before and they actually tasted pretty good with that.

pan for how to make eggs

Step 2 of how to make eggs

Grab an egg or two. Once the pan is hot and you’ve got it nice and slick (unless it’s non-stick, then it already is) start cracking the eggs into it.

Make sure you crack them fast so they cook evenly. One way over done and another still being runny is kind of gross.

It’s up to you, but I always like to flip mine over and sort of fry them in the pan. Some people like their eggs runny, some don’t. To each their own!

Step 3: Seasoning

The classic seasoning for this is salt and pepper. Nothing quite beats it. I’m sure there’s other choices that are just as good, but, some good ol’ salt and peppered eggs hit the spot for me.

eggs on top of meat - how to make eggs

Step 4: Eat’em with something good

Whatever you ultimately choose – toast or otherwise, eggs combine well with any meal of the day. If you’ve never had one on a hamburger, now is the time to go and try that out. You won’t regret a breakfast burger!

Final Thoughts on how to make eggs

Firing up the old frying or non-stick pan is a great way to fry a few grade AA’s up to start your day the right way. That or break your intermittent fast with them like I sometimes do. They might even be good for your brain! It’s true that a new study comes out every few years poo-pooing them with clams they might be bad for your heart, but there’s an equal number of good ones that go to bat for our round squishy friends.