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Wendy’s Unveils New Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich and Hot Honey Chicken Biscuit

Everybody must really love chicken. Why else would practically every fast-food chain have their own signature sandwich?

Well, Wendy’s is rolling out a few new ones of their own come February 8th. Pretty exciting stuff, to be honest with ya. They recently unveiled the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich. It looks interesting, to say the least.

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A Few Ingredients

This upcoming hot honey chicken sandwich will have a sauce featuring honey with fruity habanero peppers. If I’ve ever seen something balanced, it’d be this. Honey’s sweet. Habanero’s hot. ’nuff said.

The sandwich will have a fried spicy chicken breast filet, three strips of applewood-smoked bacon, melted Pepper Jack cheese, fried pickle chips, and two layers of their hot honey sauce on a toasted premium bun.

For anyone out there who likes spicy stuff, I think this is it. This is your thing. I’m okay with mild spiciness, so I’ll probs give this a try.

The Hot Honey Chicken Biscuit

The Hot Honey Chicken Biscuit is a little bit simpler. It consists of a fried chicken filet with two layers of hot honey sauce served on a warm buttermilk biscuit. That’ll only be available during breakfast hours, too.

The Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich suggested price is $5.99 and the suggested price for their Hot Honey Chicken Biscuit is $3.19. I’d say that’s reasonable with our current financial situation in the country.

Image courtesy of The Wendy’s Company