Vons Weekly Ad

Vons Weekly Ad 2.2-2.8.2022 For You to View

Vons Weekly Ad 2.2-2.8.2022 is our focus here. We’ll be digging through the first few pages of this weekly mailer to find all the great deals that it can save you money with.

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Looks like they rolled the best stuff out for page one. Seriously, look at how good those Fresh Asparagus look. They have a nice string around them and everything, too. Those are $1.99/LB in the Vons Weekly Ad 2.2-2.8.2022.

What’s a great accompaniment for green vegetables? How about some beef. Their New York Steaks, bone-in, value pack cost $5.99/LB for their Member Price there. That looks tasty. I personally really like a good steak once in a while myself.

Vons Weekly Ad 2.2-2.8.2022 More Meat

There are some beef alternatives, too. You can get Jennie-O 93% Lean, Patties, or Flavored Ground Turkey, 16 oz’s in select varieties. There are BOGO deals on those for one that’s equal or lesser value.

Speaking from experience purchasing the Jennie-O ground turkey, I can tell you it’s pretty good. I’ve even got some defrosting to have later in the downstairs fridge.

You’ll be set on omega-3’s. Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets, Farm Raised are $8.99/LB for the Member Pricing. Take a look at one of those:

Vons Weekly Ad 2.2-2.8.2022 Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets

Just delicious. The lemon and asparagus really look like a nice accompaniment based on the Vons Weekly Ad 2.2-2.8.2022.

Bacon, Cheese, and More

Who doesn’t love bacon and cheese? Those two things together might be a professional athlete’s worst nightmare on gameday, but for the rest of us they make a delicious snack or part of a recipe. The Vons Weekly Ad 2.2-2.8.2022 has Hoffy Premium Bacon, 12 oz packages for $3.99 each in selected varieties.

It also has Primo Taglio Cheese for $5.99/LB and Lucerne Sliced, Shredded, or Chunk Cheese, 6-8 oz’s, for $1.99 each.

If you’re eating some cheese, you’ll probably want something to go with it. That’s where the Primo Taglio Turkey Breast for $5.99/LB comes into play. There’s also different varieties of Lay’s Potato Chips, 4.75-8 oz’s for $1.99. They’ve got Kettle Cooked, 7.75-8 oz, Doritos, 6-11.25 oz and Fritos or Cheetos, 6.5-10 oz.

Fab 5 Deals in Vons Weekly Ad 2.2-2.8.2022

The way Fab 5 works is that if you buy 5 or more items, you will save more money. Pretty straightforward, I think. A few great deals to look for are Bugles, Chex Mix, or Gardetto’s, 99 cents each when you buy 5 or more.

There’s also some Rosarita Refried Canned Beans, 99 cents when you buy 5 or more. There’s also Ruffles, Smartfood, or Mission Tortilla Chips, $2.49 each when you buy 5 or more. I think those would be solid for the Super Bowl party, just my personal thoughts.

The Vons Weekly Ad 2.2-2.8.2022 also has some great drinks. Signature SELECT Orange Juice, 52 oz’s for $2.49 each when you buy 5 or more. Personally, I’m really into almond milk and they seem to have a lot of that at Vons, too. Almond Breeze Almond milk is $2.99 when you buy 5 or more.

There are a ton of other great looking deals in the Vons Weekly Ad 2.2-2.8.2022 and I won’t get to all of ’em here. You can check out the rest on their site or probably grab a paper copy at their store.