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Trader Joe’s Chicken Shu Mai Review

On this week’s Midnight Snack, we take a look at some chicken shu mai from Trader Joe’s. It’s pretty much these little chicken and vegetable dumplings that you can dip in soy sauce.

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If you’re a fan of Chinese appetizer-type food at 1:43 in the morning, these should really do the trick. Here are the nutrition facts:

Trader Joe's Chicken Shu Mai Nutrition Facts
Hey there sodium.

The good news is, if you plan to pig (or chicken, lol) out and eat all of them at once, it’s possible to avoid all the sodium by leaving out the 3 tablespoons of soy sauce. Then again, we do need SOME sodium to survive.

Trader Joe's Chicken Shu Mai Ingredients

Looks like there isn’t much in there that’s too weird sounding, always a good sign.

Trader Joe's Chicken Shu Mai Cooking Instructions

That’s right: if you think you can pull it off, there’s even a stove-top option.

Trader Joe's Chicken Shu Mai Soy Sauce Packet
Source of the sodium.

99% of our daily sodium all in one packet!

The Review

Packaging: Average

Nutrition Facts: Average

Ingredients: Above Average

Taste: Above Average

Preparation: Average

I usually grab a few of these when I go to my local Chinese buffet on the first pass, so, when I saw them in the freezer section walking through TJ’s they couldn’t be passed up. Plus, chicken is always good. The first thing I noticed on the packaging was that these actually come pre-cooked. I’m pretty sure that means I could have thawed and eaten them on the spot, but I didn’t feel like testing that.

Cooking the chicken shu mai was easy, it involved throwing a few on the plate, sprinkling them with water (while in the meantime putting the soy sauce packet in a bowl of warm water), and setting the microwave for a minute thirty. They only needed about 30 seconds to cool, which was taken care of while I carried them back to the table. Taste-wise, they were great.

The only drawback was that I really couldn’t tell that I was eating chicken. If these things said they were pork on the package (believe there was a pork version at the store, too) I coulda been fooled. Outside of the ambiguous meat taste, there was some great flavor in these. I went easy on the soy sauce and that proved to be a wise move, too.

Midnight Snack Rating: 8.42/10

Recommend? Yea

Bob Buckley

Bob Buckley writes about food and business.