Vanilla Pudding Cups From Aldi Review

Vanilla pudding cups are on the table today for me to review. I don’t know what it is about pudding, but I’ve never had a bad experience with any (ever). Personally, I consider myself a tapioca kinda guy because the pearls have a great consistency.

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That being said, I do also love the regular stuff. I know that in Stranger Things, they have a pretty big obsession with chocolate pudding. While that’s good and all, nothing quite beats vanilla pudding in my book.

I could dip into it all day with dark chocolate bars or graham crackers, maybe both.

Plus, it’s less risky. What if the same factory that makes tapioca pearls also makes pearl necklaces? Do you know how easily there could be a mix-up? That’s a choking accident waiting to happen, I tell ya.

These are part of the Lunch buddies product line at Aldi. They tout only having 100 calories per cup, no preservatives, and made with real milk. Let’s get into the nutrition facts for this vanilla pudding.

Nutrition Facts

Vanilla pudding nutrition facts

Outside of a small amount of calcium, protein and sodium, these don’t have many other ingredients besides sugar. You’ll get 8% of your daily carbs in this with the 15 grams of added sugar plus 17 grams of total. I’m assuming that some of the sugar comes from the milk these use.

Vanilla Pudding Ingredients

This has a few different ingredients in it.

Aldi vanilla pudding cups ingredients

There’s no fat in the milk. That could be big if you’re trying to lose some weight or something. Some xanthan gum is in there, as is tradition. I’ve never really heard of “sodium stearoyl lactylate” but that exists, I guess.

As expected in all vanilla pudding, we’ve also got our water and sugar in there. Enough about ingredients, let’s do the review.

Vanilla pudding cups from Aldi review

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m a person who likes pudding. Bread pudding, rice pudding, tapioca pudding, you name it. When these 4 cups came across my desk, I figured I was in for a treat. Boy was I right. They took me back to 4th grade when I’d either have something like this in my lunch or maybe a Hostess Twinkie. Both of them were yellow and made me happy at lunch time. The only thing that could spoil something like that was if a stereotypical 80’s school bully walked up and squished it into my shirt.

The good news was that we were fresh out of those guys at my school and everyone respected each other at lunch time. How would I describe the first bite of this vanilla pudding cup? Goopy, but in a really good way. I guess I could say it was sugary, too. Mmmmm…goopy sugar. One thing I’m never sure about is how pudding can be at room temperature. Like, at the store it’s just on a shelf next to other snacks. But, the only way to really enjoy it is when it’s chilled in the fridge. I guess there’s some people out there who enjoy room temperature pudding in some sick, twisted, alternate dimension.

Look, this is good, but it also doesn’t blow things out of the water. Vanilla Pudding is, well, vanilla. Not bad, not amazing.

Nutrition Facts: Below Average

Ingredients: Average

Preparation: Average

Taste: Average

Rating: 7.79/10

Recommend? Yes