Millville Chewy Dipped Chocolate Chip Review

Millville Chewy Dipped Chocolate Chip granola bars are on my plate to review today. Frankly, I’m excited because these almost always look good. Just look at that first layer of chocolate surrounding a mass of oats, chocolate chips and other things that you find in granola.

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In addition to that, these also tout the absence of artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup. On top of that, there’s no certified synthetic colors, either! I didn’t even know that those were something to be concerned about, but apparently they are.

This is the second type of bar I’ve covered from Aldi. The first was the Millville Elevation Double Chocolate Protein Bar. This Millville Chewy Dipped Chocolate Chip bar is more geared toward just being a snack versus being a health food. Either way, when this type of granola bar landed on the scene a few years ago (or whenever, I swear these didn’t exist when I was a kid) they were a big deal. Let’s jump into some nutrition facts.

Millville Chewy Dipped Chocolate Chip Nutrition Facts

Millville chewy dipped chocolate bar nutrition facts

These have a pretty well-balanced portfolio of nutrients. I was a little surprised that there’s an equal amount of fat and carbs. My assumption going into it was that a chocolate and granola bar would be mostly carbohydrates, but I do know granola and chocolate can pack in the fats.

My biggest takeaway of the Millville Chewy Dipped Chocolate bars nutrition facts is that it looks like these bars could help me survive a zombie apocalypse. They are a little lower on the iron than I was hoping for, but it still looks like a substantial chunk of calories.

Also, each one packs 150 of those. Calories. Yea. Moving on.


These ingredients should be good.

chewy dipped ingredients

Well, well, well. If it isn’t the ingredients to the Millville Chewy Dipped Chocolate bars. Let’s take it from the top. You’ll be looking at granola, which is made up of whole grain rolled oats, whole grain brown rice flour, sugar, soybean oil, dried coconut, honey, and molasses. That’s a heck of allota ingredients just in the granola alone.

Then we’ve got sugar, palm kernel oil, corn syrup, then some invert sugar. I guess that must be something like the opposite of sugar? Anyways, then there’s semisweet chocolate chips. Let’s be honest, many of us probably just eat things like this for the chocolate part. Like, yea, granola’s good, but chocolate’s chocolate.

The Millville Chewy Dipped Chocolate bar review

It tasted pretty similar to the Quaker Oats dipped chewy bars, which is a good thing because those are great. It is a little on the sugary side, to be honest, so bear that in mind if you need to watch your added sugar intake. Those who have peanut allergies will need to avoid this one as well, same with soy, coconut, almonds or milk.

I hate to say this but I don’t think I could imagine life without those things. I could live without milk but I’d need to replace it with A2 or almond milk. All in all, these are a nice snack to keep in your pantry. They aren’t very expensive, which is awesome. You can pick up a box for $1.25 in my neck of the woods, but prices could be different where you’re at.

Nutrition Facts: Average

Ingredients: Average

Preparation: Average

Taste: Average

Rating: 7.3/10

Recommend? Yes

Bob Buckley

Bob Buckley writes about food and business.