Baked Chocolate Chip Wafer Snacks From Aldi Review

Baked chocolate chip wafer snacks are on my plate today. I guess I don’t really need a plate ‘cuz they come in a bag. These are from Aldi’s Fit & Active line of snacks. They boast only being 100 calories and seem to be meant for the health-conscious shopper.

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You won’t have to spend a ton of money on these, either. At our Minnesota Aldi, they run $2.29 for the box with 6 bags in it. Each bag might only have .81 oz’s of cookie wafers in them, but each feels pretty full.

The Aldi baked chocolate chip wafer snacks are supposed to be a knockoff of Chips Ahoy Thin Crisps. They mention it on the front of the box and have the trademark stuff on the back. Let’s check out this nutrition.

The Nutrition Label

So, these are cookies. Bear that in mind. They’re also healthy-ish cookies and each pack is 100 calories. I don’t always say this or feel it with these types of snacks, but there does seem like a lot in the packs. There’s enough to feel full after eating one, even if 100 calories isn’t that many.

Baked Chocolate Chip Wafer Snacks: Digging Into the Facts

Baked Chocolate Chip Wafer nutrition label

There’s not much of anything in these. I mean, they’re wafers, so it’s like what would you expect?

Little fat, little protein, some iron in there. As long as you enjoy these as a snack and not a meal, you’ll enjoy these baked chocolate chip wafer snacks. I know people that do try to replace meals with things like this and that doesn’t work out so well.


I don’t know what invert syrup is, but this is the first place I’ve seen that ingredient. We’ve also got our Aldi “Twice as Nice” guarantee thingy on there, but bad at all. These have all the standard things that you’d find in cookies. Shortening, enriched wheat flour, you know how it is.

I’ll explain this in a minute, but there’s something funny about seeing chocolate chips in there.

The Baked Chocolate Chip Wafer Cookies Review

My expectations are never super high when it comes to wafers. Nilla wafers are kind of a classic staple but even those aren’t the most exciting cookies. Couple that with the fact that these are meant to be healthy and I didn’t have the widest expectations going into the taste test.

The first thing that I noticed was that they kind of don’t have chocolate chips. They do, but they don’t. There’s sort of these black specs in the wafers that are supposed to be the chocolate (I think). That was a bummer, but you can’t have full nestle chips and expect to stay under 100 calories.

On to the actual taste: not bad at all. These are pretty easy to keep eating. There’s just the right amount of sugar where you want to keep eating them but won’t feel like you’re going overboard either.

Nutrition Facts: Average

Ingredients: Average

Preparation: Above Average

Taste: Above Average

Rating: 7.84/10

Recommend Aldi’s Baked Chocolate Chip Wafer Cookies? Yes