Aldi Ad for you to look at this week

Aldi Ad for 5.8-5.14.2022 To View or Download

Aldi Ad for 5.8-5.14.2022 is our focus here. We’ll be looking through this and finding some of the best deals for you to save on this week. There are deals on various meats to make tasty dinners with. Let’s see what they’ve got in there.

Looks like they have some pineapple for $1.89 each. Aldi Savers are $4.49 per 4-LB bag, those are Navel Oranges. Looking pretty good there. Some Cherub Grape Tomatoes are $2.89 per 10-oz package, those look good.

Aldi Ad for 5.8-5.14.2022 Has Greens, Mushrooms

Some Brussels Sprouts are $2.89 per 1-LB package. Those would go great with some prosciutto and olive oil. There’s probably a great recipe for that out there somewhere.

Baby Bella Mushrooms are $1.49 per 8-oz package. Those are pretty tasty. Some Multicolored Peppers $2.99 per 3-pack.

Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters, sold in a 10-lb bag are 55 cents per pound. Some Thomas Farms Fresh Grass-Fed 85% beef patties are $4.99 per 1-LB package. Some Fresh Butterflied Lamb Leg is $7.99/LB in the Aldi Ad for 5.8-5.14.2022. That looks really good.

This Week There’s Earth Grown Black Bean Chipotle or Veggie Burgers

There’s also Fresh 80% Lean Ground Beef Patties for $4.49. Those look like they would make some great burgers! The Kirkwood Mediterranean or Mexi Cali Chicken Patties are $9.49 and looking pretty darn good, too.

Parkview Uncured Angus Beef Hot Dogs are $3.99. Park Street Deli Pulled Beef Brisket is $7.49. Simply Organic Baby Spinach is $2.89. Park Street Deli Fully Cooked Baby Back Pork Ribs are $8.99, those look pretty darn good in the Aldi Ad for 5.8-5.14.2022.

Emporium Selection Deli-Sliced Havarti or Gouda Cheese is $2.89. L’oven Fresh Potato Sandwich or Long Rolls are $2.49.

Aldi Ad for 5.8-5.14.2022 Has More Ribs

Fresh Pork Spareribs are $2.29 per pound. Simply Nature Organic Spinach or Italian Chicken Sausage is $4.99. That’s new.

Earth Grown Vegan Ravioli is $3.79, also new. Specially Selected Summer Salsa. Park Street Deli Original Potato Salad or Macaroni Salad is $3.69 each.

Clancy’s Pretzel Rods or Honey Wheat Pretzels are $4.69. Some Simply Nature Organic Lemonade Regular or Strawberry is $2.99.

Get Pita Chips and Hummus

Specially Selected Pita Chips are $2.29. Some Park Street Deli Classic, Garlic, or Red Pepper Hummus is $2.45. Clancy’s Loaded Bacon & Cheddar or Fried Pickle Ranch Wavy Potato Chips are $1.79 each. Those look really good, might need to pick some up for a review.

Clancy’s Salt & Vinegar or Cheddar Jalapeno Potato Chips are $1.79. Also looking pretty tasty in the Aldi Ad for 5.8-5.14.2022.

For your home, pick up a Belavi Wooden Potting Bench for $69.99. A Gardenline Walk-in Greenhouse is $49.99. Grab a Ferrex 20 Volt Cordless Pole Saw to saw all the poles you need to.

Aldi Ad for 5.8-5.14.2022 Has Belavi Rugs and Cushions

Get a Landscape Turf Rug for $29.99, a Belavi Garden Bench Cushion for $19.99, and a Belavi Chair Cushion for $19.99. Seat pads are $9.99 each. Those look very spring-like as well.