Aldi Ad for you to look at this week

Aldi Ad for 5.1-5.7.2022 To View Online or Download

Aldi Ad for 5.1-5.7.2022 is our focus here. We’ll be taking a look at a lot of the great deals on delicious food in it. Looks like this week has California Strawberries for $1.99. Also, some Red Grapes for $1.39, those look pretty good. You can find some Driscoll’s Blackberries for $1.99 that look pretty tasty.

Aside from the fruit, we’ve got Mother’s Day coming up. For that, you can pick up a premium Mother’s Day Bouquet for $13.99. That’s an Aldi Find, too. It’s a pretty nice-looking bunch of flowers!

Another Aldi Find, a 50-Stem Tulip Bouquet is $4.89. That would really add to any room and it’s a great deal in the Aldi Ad for 5.1-5.7.2022.

Aldi Ad for 5.1-5.7.2022 Has Veggies and Meats

Grab some Zucchini for $1.39 in the Aldi Savers section. Some Kiwi is $3.99 per 2-LB package. Kiwi tastes pretty good.

Tomatoes on the Vine are $1.49 per pound. Some Stuffed Atlantic Salmon is $9.99, not too bad. Fresh Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs are $4.49 per pound. Thick-Cut Boneless Pork Chops are $3.49 per pound. Fresh Lamb Loin Chops are $9.99 per pound. Those look really tasty.

Meat is easier to cook thank you think, too. You can throw a great meal together with any of the things that I just mentioned pretty quickly.

Aldi Ad for 5.1-5.7.2022 has what you need to make mom breakfast in bed. Specially Selected Fruit Spread with 75% fruit is $1.99/each.

Muffins, Danishes, and More

Get some Bake Shop Blueberry Muffins for $2.79. Those look great. Some Bake Shop Strip Danishes are $3.95 each, those look good. Some Season’s Choice Shredded Hash Browns are $2.55.

You can also grab some L’oven Fresh Marbled Cinnamon or Apple Strudel Breakfast Bread for $4.19. Bake Shop Mini or Large Croissants are $2.95. Specially selected pure maple syrup. Millville Buttermilk Pancake Mix is $1.58 and looks pretty good.

Aldi Ad for 5.1-5.7.2022 Has Dried Fruit and Granola

Simply Nature Organic Blueberries or Strawberries are $6.19. For $3.55 each, you can pick up some Simply Nature Gluten Free Granola for $3.55 each. That looks great. Never Any! Breakfast Chicken Sausage is $3.89.

Barissimo Delightfully Pure Creamer is $4.75. Barissimo Assorted Bagged Coffee is $3.99. Nature’s Nectar Orange Juice (Not from concentrate) is $3.49 in the Aldi Ad for 5.1-5.7.2022.

Find Shoes, Kitchen Equipment, and Other Things

Serra Ladies’ Block Heels or Wedges are $14.99 each. Serra Ladies’ Wedge Sneakers are $14.99. For $9.99 each, get an Ambiano Mini Waffle Maker. Hinkler Premium Puzzle Book is $4.99. Huntington Home Essential Oil is $4.99.

Huntington Home Spa Candle is $4.99. Home Accent Fragrance Warmer from Huntington. Crane Utility Tote is $9.99. Huntington Home Reversible Area Rug is $39.99. Easy Home True HEPA Desktop Air Purifier & Fan is $39.99 in the Aldi Ad for 5.1-5.7.2022.