Aldi Ad for you to look at this week

Aldi Ad for 1.23-1.29.2022 to view online with analysis

Aldi ad for 1.23-1.29.2022 is what we’ll be focusing on here. I’ll be going over a bunch of info in it for ya and we’ll be discussing what looks good/what might be avoidable. I can’t say the latter has ever really happened, but, I always want to leave the options open just in case.

First thing you’ll get with this ad are some $2.99 oranges. I have no idea if that’s a good price but my gut tells me it is. Plus, vitamin C is pretty darn good for you. Just try not having any for a week and see what happens. Kidding, don’t. Especially if it’s cold and flu season.

This is a pretty short Aldi ad for 1.23-1.29.2022 but there’s a lot of good stuff in it. If oranges aren’t your thing, they have blueberries for $1.99 per 11 oz package. That’s pretty good, I like some blueberries here and there.

Then they shake things up and get some green bell peppers in there, too. Very good very good. Bell peppers are associated with a lot of things like better eye health, preventing cancer, giving you an immunity boost, and a lot more. That’s according to Health Fitness Revolution.

Aldi Ad for 1.23-1.29.2022

After those various fruits, (yep, bell peppers are fruits. look it up) there are some others plus meats in the Aldi Savers section of this Aldi Ad for 1.23-1.29.2022. Getting down in there, you can find mini cucumbers for $1.99 and some Washington Pink Lady Apples for $3.89.

More Good Things in this Aldi Ad for 1.23-1.29.2022

That fresh ground lamb looks pretty good, too. There’s also turkey, chicken, and beef options, so you’ll have a lot of variety.

Below, you can scroll around the ad for yourself if you want, but I want to keep talking about a few of these things I’m seeing on page one. Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Meatball or Sausage Deli Calzone looks like a phenomenal option for Midnight Snack. Definitely trying that at some point.

The uncured hickory bacon in this Aldi Ad for 1.23-1.29.2022 would fit pretty well in my frying pan. Here’s the rest of the ad, use it wisely! Remember, we’re not affiliated with Aldi at all, not even a little bit. Other thing, this ad may not reflect deals or specials at your local Aldi. You’ve been warned!