Publix Ad This Week to View For You

Publix Ad For 1.26-2.1.2022 That You Can View Online

Publix Ad For 1.26-2.1.2022 is our focus here. We’ll be digging through a lot of the great deals that they offer and highlighting some of the best this week.

First things first, they have some serious looking chuck roast right on the first page. $5.99 for that thing, it looks pretty darn good. You’ll be saving up to 3.00 LB. If you want to make a stew, then throw some of their Publix Whole Carrots in with the chuck. Those run you $1.79, not too bad.

There are also some other meat options in this Publix Ad for 1.26-2.1.2022, like their Publix Deli 8-piece mixed fried chicken for $8.49. Personally, even though I act all diet conscious, I do love some fried chicken once in a while. Theirs looks really good.

More Veggies in the Publix Ad for 1.26-2.1.2022

There’s also some Florida-grown, bagged green beans in there. $2 for 4 isn’t a bad price at all. You can make it a meal by throwing in some of their Publix Bakery Sourdough Five Grain Bread and maybe even some boneless top sirloin steaks for the heck of it.

Publix Ad for 1.26-2.1.2022

After your meat coma puts you to sleep for the night, you can wake up with some Starbucks K-Cup Coffee. That looks pretty good to me. There’s also some Nature Valley bars that don’t have a price but they are buy one get one free which isn’t bad at all. Those would go pretty well with the Starbucks, but be careful not to spill crumbs everywhere.

Unless they fixed that whole thing with the crumbs and Nature Valley bars. Remember that? ‘Member how crazy all those crumbs used to be? Yea. They were nuts. Not nuts crumbs.

Yea. Anyways, jumping to page 2 of this Publix Ad for 1.26-2.1.2022 you’ll find some alternatives to things on page one, like Maxwell House Ground Coffee that’s on BOGO, too. You’ll be able to enjoy some Quaker Instant Oatmeal with that as well, not too bad not too bad.

Remember, we’re not affiliated with Publix at all! We just like analyzing weekly ads to find what’s good. The Publix Ad for 1.26-2.1.2022 certainly looks like it’s got some things to pick up if you live near there.