Walgreens Ad

Walgreens Ad For 2.6-2.12.2022 To View with Analysis

Walgreens Ad For 2.6-2.12.2022 is where we’ll be focused today. We’re going to be analyzing this Valentines Day ad and finding a lot of the best deals in it for you.

Get ready, because there’s a lot of ’em. First things first, there’s a bunch of deals for V-Day on the first page. Their Hallmark Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards have deals – $2 online coupon on 2 of them.

You can get Animal or Squishmallow Plush dolls for $19.99 or $24.99, respectively. They have Valentine’s Day flowers starting at $14.99. Looks like some roses in that picture.

The Candy in Walgreens Ad For 2.6-2.12.2022

You didn’t think we’d just forget about the candy, did you? Every V-day, there’s always tons of candy out there. Even if Brach’s conversation hearts sort of taste like chalk, everybody still loves those.

Who didn’t like reading them in grade school and seeing what they had to say? Those are either 2 for $5 or 1 for $2.99 with myWalgreens. There are also select varieties of those.

The Walgreens Ad For 2.6-2.12.2022 also has Turtles Original Pecan, 2/$8 or 1/$4.99 with myWalgreens. That’s Premium Chocolate that you’re getting right there!

Speaking of chocolate, you can get some peanut M&M’s (the sharing size), 2 for $7 or 1 for $3.99 with myWalgreens. They also have Mars Minis Candy, which look good, too.

Bogo Deals On Multi-Vitamins

There are also a handful of BOGO deals in the Walgreens Ad For 2.6-2.12.2022 on things like Nature Made Vitamin D3, Nature Made Vitamin C Gummies, Turmeric gummies and more.

Additionally, you can get BOGO mix & match 50% off for things like Neuriva brain performance supplements, PreserVision, and Airborne Immune System supporting gummies.

Once your immune system is nice and fortified, you can enjoy the refreshing and smooth taste of some Coca-Cola, 3 for $10.99 or 1/$6.99 with myWalgreens.

There’s also some Blue Diamond Almonds for $5.99 with myWalgreens.

Deals of the Week in Walgreens Ad For 2.6-2.12.2022

If you thought the deals before were good, wait till you see their deals of the week. They’ve got Pepsi 12 packs, 3 for $9.99 or 1 for $6.99 with myWalgreens.

$5.99 with myWalgreens: Wonderful Pistachios. Choose from no shells or in-shell. Both look pretty good. There’s BOGO Free Frito-Lay Chips with myWalgreens. There are select varieties there, too. Lays classic, Doritos, and others.

Now in this Walgreens Ad For 2.6-2.12.2022 there isn’t any delivery pizza. There’s DiGiorno on BOGO Free with myWalgreens. Even if some Italians out there scoff at DiGiornio, I think it’s pretty good and I’m 1/4 Italian myself. Maybe I’m too diluted, who knows. Either way, it’s good and it’s on sale so try some out!!

Walgreens Ad For 2.6-2.12.2022