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Outside-in Stuffed Gnocchi from Trader Joe’s Review

Outside-in Stuffed Gnocchi from Trader Joe’s is on my plate for this review. I’ll be honest, this sounds extremely good. As somebody with an Italian background and family members who are 100% Italian, I’ve had plenty of Gnocchi in my day. You can usually find some in your local grocery ad each week.

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My go-to favorites are the regular ones that kind of look like a honey dipper stick (you’ll never be able to unsee it!!) with butter and then spinach gnocchi.

Now, let me tell ya, spinach might not be the one we’re doing here, but I’ll need to get a recipe of that published at some point soon because it’s incredible. This Outside-in Stuffed Gnocchi was the last thing that I was expecting while I wandered around TJ’s looking for something good to buy and review.

I guess technically their unexpected cheddar was really the last thing I was expected, but you get the idea. These are made up of potato gnocchi stuffed with tomato sauce and mozzarella. As far as I’m concerned, that sounds pretty good.

Nutrition Facts for Outside-In Stuffed Gnocchi

There’s less fat in these than I expected. Each bag has 3.5 servings. A serving is 1 cup (135 grams). If you stick with 1 serving, then you’ll get 180 calories.

Me being me, I’ll plan to eat it all. Personally, I eat a lot. Between 3100-3600 calories daily. When you burn through as many as I do, it’s important to get enough.

Outside In Stuffed Gnocchi

On to the rest of the Outside-in Stuffed Gnocchi nutrition. Little bit of cholesterol in there, but not too much. There’s a lot of sodium (especially if you’re me and plan on eating it all). Be careful there if you have issues with sodium.

Then, what’s this – FIBER? Yep, you read that right, there’s 3 grams of dietary fiber per serving. That’s 11% of your daily value right there. Fiber is good.

Then there’s some sugar in the Outside-in Stuffed Gnocchi. That sort of caught me off guard but I guess the sauce needed some. 6 grams of protein to finish off these pretty wholesome nutrition facts.

There really aren’t much in the way of vitamins or minerals, a little potassium but that’s it.


The Outside-In Stuffed Gnocchi has pretty wholesome ingredients across the board. None of those words are chemically sounding, which I always love to see. They’ve got potato, a classic staple everywhere. Some unbleached wheat flour, love to see that.

Then there’s some liquid whole eggs, never heard of those until now but I’ll roll with it. Mozzarella cheese, Salt, Liquid egg whites, Extra virgin olive oil – this really does just have good stuff in it.

For the allergens, be aware that it contains milk, egg, wheat and may contain traces of soy.

The Outside-in Stuffed Gnocchi Review

Here we go. Time to cook it up and eat it. That’s right, these need to be cooked. This ain’t just throw it in the microwave and see what happens. This is go time. I got my sauce pan. Got a lil olive oil. I heated up the pan and put some oil into it to heat up, that was a bad idea. I splashed some water in the hot oil because I thought that was a thing and it’s definitely not a thing.

Do not do what I did. The water and olive oil sort of exploded on me and I’m lucky I didn’t get burned in the process. However, I worked through the problem by dumping all of the gnocchi into it and that was that. After cooking it for a few minutes and loading a plate to take upstairs, it was finally time to dig in.

The mozzarella was a little light, I’ll be honest. I know I shouldn’t have been expecting huge globs or anything especially given the amount of fat/calories per serving, but I was hoping for a little more of that. Overall, though, these Outside-in Stuffed Gnocchi tasted great. Really tasty and an interesting concept across the board. You get all the great taste of red sauce without much of a mess or any risk that you’re going to spill much sauce on yourself since it’s on the inside. Try it out!


Here’s the cooking instructions too:

Outside-in Stuffed Gnocchi cooking instructions