Top Music for Fighting Distractions

It’s almost gotten worse for me throughout my college experience. I swear if I went to the doctor tomorrow, I could be in and out with a prescription for Adderall, the primary weapon against attention deficit disorder used by many in college. Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy for me. Due to my insane skepticism surrounding stuff like that, and some evidence pointing to its use being dangerous, I am really not keen on the stuff. That and I have been told by a handful of friends who have had it prescribed that the drug can hamper creativity as well. Frankly, I like my creativity. What have I done in lieu of using something I probably should be by now? Well, if you could guess by the title, I have searched out non-prescription methods of zoning myself in so I can take care of business and work over time. These methods aren’t those crazy neotropics, either. I have found the secret to not touching my phone for more than 45 minutes on Youtube, with simple compilations of “study music”. My favorites are below.

  • Study Music Alpha Waves: Relaxing Studying Music, Brain Power, Focus
    • This video has nearly three solid hours of concentration music in it. It will soothe your mind and practically hypnotize you into your work, without any advertisement interruptions. That’s probably because I have ad blocker on, but they aren’t ridiculously bothersome anyhow. Having nearly 50 million views, this has helped me on more than one occasion.

  • Best Piano Instrumental Music for Studying and Work
    • Call me Billy Joel, because I’m a man and occasionally affiliated with pianos. Maybe I just like listening to them. In any case, these three straight hours of piano instrumentals will put your mind at ease and in gear.

  • 8 Hours of Epic Inspirational Music for Studying/Work
    • If you are more in need of an adrenaline-boosted concentration state, look no further. These eight straight hours of epic movie soundtracks will make your mundane homework feel more like a trek up some mountain to fight a dragon or Clint Eastwood out in the old west. Chills and results ahead. Expect music from Ennio Morricone, The Boondock Saints, Avengers, and everything in between.

  • Study Music – SUPER Memory and Concentration, Alpha Binaural Beat – Focus Music
    • With a title like that, it’s gotta be good. “Super” being all capitalized really sells it. But actually, the binaural thing is also kinda cool. Allegedly you can rewire your brain. In fact, it’s helping me write this now without messin’ around in seven other tabs.

  • Gustav Holst- The Planets, Full Suite
    • This one’s a classic. A fair amount of the different pieces in this will trigger feels for other things like Star Wars that sound vaguely familiar. What you should really be listening for here though is this part at 21:35, which is about halfway through Jupiter and maybe the greatest musical composition ever conceived.

Happy studying, enjoy!