How Not to Study

I’ve tried it all to study better. Staying up the entire night and chugging various caffeine loaded drinks, waking up really early and studying right till the exam, and everything in between. It’s gotten me some pretty solid C+ to B- range grades. While C’s do in fact get degrees, A’s get jobs. It’d sure suck to feel all accomplished getting to senior year and have all the recruiters take a piss on your resume, so let’s run through all the best worst ways to prep for exams.

  • The All-Nighter. It’s badass, I’ll give it that. Rolling into your exam the next day with bloodshot eyes, your friends will probably give you props for such an accomplishment. Right before your prof gives you a big black D. The grade kind. You pervert.
  • Aunt Adderall. She’s one mean temptress. Using addy without a prescrption can be tempting, as thousands of college students who don’t really need it give in and acquire some at some point during their four years. It removes distractions, keeps your studying on track, and can boost your GPA. Then you have a stroke because you’ve been abusing something you shouldn’t be. After you get a felony for getting caught with it. It’s a dangerous road and not a necessity unless you have legitimate ADD or ADHD.
  • The Pre-Test Cramming.¬†I still do this, and I really gotta stop. Getting out of bed the day of a test and hitting the books might seem productive, but then you’re a mental train wreck on the exam out of the pure exhaustion depending on how long you do it. Having mid-afternoon classes makes it hard to justify doing anything else when there’s time to hit the books, but you’ll probably regret it.

Collectively, these three are easily the worst ones I’ve ever heard of. A sibling of mine supplied the info on addy since they have a legal prescription, and they honestly wish they could get by without it. Blood pressure and heart rate problems like crazy. All I’m sayin’.