Eating Abroad

Those Random Fried Chicken Places in London Are Actually Good

Before you judge this, carefully think about what we’re discussing here. Most fast food fried chicken isn’t gonna make you feel great a few hours later. That just kinda goes with the territory, though. When I was jumping around abroad during my junior year, I saw these KFC ripoff looking places about every 10 feet it seemed like when I was riding the buses around town. Although it took me about two months to actually get there, I grabbed some dinner at a place near my bus stop one night.

Wait no, that was technically my second time in one of those restaurants. My first one was across town near a Primark. I went in all excitedly one time after finally being like “yea, I’ll try those lamb nuggets that probably aren’t actually lamb.” and was told by an angry looking gentlemen wearing a butcher’s apron that it was cash only. Shoot. Well, I finally planned out having enough pounds to be able to buy something at this place near the bus stop, so I was set. Greeted again by a different kind-of-pissed-off-looking gentlemen in a butchers apron, I put in an order for a few wings and some fries.

They prepped it asap


He brought out a pretty hot thing of wings and fries, ready to burn my tongue off when I took a bite without figuring out how hot it was beforehand. After I put the fire out with weird soda I bought, the meal continued. Honestly, it was pretty good. Granted, I might not have been eating real chicken, it was something I would definitely recommend. The place may not have looked that clean, the cash-only policy sort of screamed money laundering, but it had character.


Besides that stuff, there was a distinct feeling of nostalgia to it. When I was about halfway through my meal (and being the only person in there) a group of 8th grade-ish guys came in. Back in the day, many groups, including mine, had theirĀ go-to place for after school eating. My 8th-grade group place might have been a Subway, putting us pretty far away from this place health-wise, (although you’d be surprised) but it didn’t fail to remind me of those days.