Incoming College Freshman- Here Is My One Piece Of Advice For The Beginning Of The School Year

The beginning of a school year marks, for some, one of the most challenging transitions so far in their life. Transitioning from high school to a whole new life in college may be challenging, and many students are bombarded with tips and advice that may make the transition seem even more overwhelming or daunting. So, here is just one thing, above all else, that each incoming freshman should abide by during the first couple of weeks, no matter what school you’re at:

Leave your door open.

It may seem simple and even a little weird, but I promise, it’ll make college so much easier in the long run. One of the best decisions that my roommate and I ever made was to prop our door open with a doorstop, albeit a week into school, and allow others in the hallway to come in and talk with us.

I met some of my closest friends that way, and I’m so thankful that I was able to meet them the first week of school. Being close with others in my hallway early on in my freshman year made my college experience so much more fun, and I know firsthand that getting to know others as soon as possible will make welcome week, and college in general, so much easier for others, too.

Sure, other things like making sure you pack shower shoes, knowing where your classes are, and getting to know your RA are all important to keep in mind for the first couple of weeks, but making friends as soon as possible will make all of those other aspects so much easier. Leaving your door open will allow you to meet others that are going through the exact same thing as you are, so you can figure out everything else with new friends by your side.

So, be open to getting to know as many people as you can and try your hardest to do so. College is a place that’ll allow you to meet so many unique and amazing people and finding those friends early on will make the first year at school much more easier and fun.