Publix Ad This Week to View For You

Publix Ad For 3.16-3.22.2022 To View or Download

Publix Ad For 3.16-3.22.2022 is our focus here. We’re going to be covering a lot of the good stuff that they have in it this week. That will include fan favorites such as meat, fish, and various household cleaning items you can buy this week.

Page one has some delicious looking Boneless Top Sirloin Steaks, those look awesome. It’s their premium USDA choice beef that you can save up to $2.00/LB. There’s also Medium Lobster Tails for $13.99, those are looking pretty good.

They even have a recipe with lemon butter and some sauce for a fantastic meal. It really sounds good! Palmolive Ultra Dish Liquid is BOGO Free, that looks pretty good. Broccoli or Brussels Sprouts are 2/$5 and at a surprisingly low price in the Publix Ad For 3.16-3.22.2022.

Publix Assorted Pork Loin Chops are $3.99/LB. Lysol Disinfecting Wipes are Buy 2 Get 1 free. They also have 12-pack Pepsi products, buy 2 get 1 free.

Publix Ad For 3.16-3.22.2022 Has Chicken

You can grab some deli crispy chicken tender bacon sandwiches, BOGO free. Publix bakery deli style rye bread is $2.99, that looks pretty good.

They packed the cleaning products this week. Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is BOGO free. Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner is 2/$6. Some Windex Cleaner is 2/$7.

You can also grab some Scotch-Brite Scrub Sponges for $2.00 off. Soft Scrub Cleanser or Cleanser, BOGO free. Libman Wonder Mop $8.99 in the Publix Ad For 3.16-3.22.2022.

Sustainable Seafood

They have Bluehouse Atlantic Salmon Fillets for $12.99/LB. Those are fresh from Florida, farmed, and sustainable. Some GreenWise Large White Shrimp are $13.99/LB.

GreenWise Snow Crab Clusters are $17.99/LB. Those are wild, previously frozen and sustainably sourced. Large White Shrimp is $6.99/LB in the Publix Ad For 3.16-3.22.2022.

Farmed, previously frozen, responsibly sourced. 31 to 35 pounds and a surprisingly low price. Grilled Sirloin is $4.99/LB. Sweet Onions are $3.99/LB.

More Fish in the Publix Ad For 3.16-3.22.2022

Publix Grouper Fillets are $10.99/LB. Jennie-O Ground Turkey is $6.99/LB in the 3-LB package. Yellowfin Tuna Select Cuts are $8.99. GreenWise Cod Fillets $12.99/LB. Publix Premium Shrimp is $6.99 and farmed, frozen, and responsibly sourced.

Grab some chuck short ribs for $7.99/LB. Those sound really tasty in the Publix Ad For 3.16-3.22.2022. Top Round London Broil is $4.99/LB. 2 for $10.00, Bob Evans Sides, mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese. That looks pretty good, I’ve heard that Bob Evans guy really knows his stuff.

Publix Aprons Bow Tie Pasta Meal Kit is $13.99. Parmesan Chicken, serves 2. You can also save up to $2 on Publix Aprons Crispy Honey-Dijon Pork with Potatoes and Green Beans. There’s also some meat loaf in the Publix Ad For 3.16-3.22.2022. Publix Aprons Beef Meatloaf Stuffed Peppers are $6.99/LB.

Fruit That Tastes Pretty Good

2 for $4.00 Strawberries, great for snacking or in fruit salads. 3 for $10 Blackberries or Red Raspberries, which are very flavorful. Some Tree-Ripened Peaches or Nectarines are $2.99/LB. They also have Red or Black Plums in the Publix Ad For 3.16-3.22.2022 that are $2.99/LB and looking pretty good.

Red Seedless Grapes are $1.99/LB. Minneola Tangelos are $3.99 and those are an excellent source of vitamin C. Organic Asparagus, which is great for steaming is in a 1-lb bag. You can save up to $2.00 on that.