Kroger Weekly Ad

Kroger Ad for 2.9-2.15.2022 To View or Download

Kroger Ad for 2.9-2.15.2022 is where we’ll be focused today. I’ll be digging into some of their great deals this week. These can save you a couple bucks and give you a solid Super Bowl loadout this year.

Let’s jump into it and see what we can find.

Kroger Ad for 2.9-2.15.2022 Page 1: Fruit and Meat

18 oz Blueberries are $3.49 with card. Organic Blueberries, 6 oz’s are 2 for $6 with card. Green Seedless Grapes are $1.29/LB with card. You probably want some actual meat for the game though, right?

That’s where the Boneless Strip Steaks come in for $6.99/LB with card. Family Pack or Large Cooked Shrimp, 26-30 ct. Sold in a 2 LB bag is $13.98.

Steak and shrimp in the Kroger Ad for 2.9-2.15.2022 works for me, lemme tell ya! You can also get some 80% Lean Angus Ground Chuck for $2.99/LB with card. That’s sold in a 1 LB package or Kroger gourmet burger patties.

Chips, Drinks and More Great Food

When you buy three, Doritos are $1.99 each with card. You can also pick up Lays classic chips and Popcorners, 7 oz select varieties.

Wild-Caught Snow Crab Clusters 5-8 oz are $16.99/LB with card. Various breads are mix and match BOGO free of equal or lesser value, so you can save on that. Thomas Swirl bread cinnamon raisin and English Muffins are part of the deal, probably since we all love those.

Kroger Ad for 2.9-2.15.2022 Beer And Soda

When you buy 4, it’s 4/$11.88 on various soft drinks. Those include Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Canada Dry.

If you’re into adult beverages, then take a look at Bud, Miller, Coors, and Yuengling for $16.99 each. That’s a 24 pack of 12 oz bottles or cans, not bad at all.

Weekly digital deals in the Kroger Ad for 2.9-2.15.2022 include Heritage Farm Chicken Wings, which look incredible. Those are $6.97 for 2.5 LBs frozen. With card and digital coupon. Add some blue cheese dip, celery, and you’ve got it made.

Pizza Pizza

Red Baron Classic Crust is $2.77 each with card and digital coupon. Select varieties, so you can choose from a few. Who doesn’t at least kind of like pepperoni pizza or four cheese?

You can also find some DiGiorno, 2 for $12 with card when you buy 2 of them. There are also a few different kinds of that that you can get in the Kroger Ad for 2.9-2.15.2022.

Other Goods Like Snacks, Ice Cream

Edy’s Slow Churn ice cream is $2.99 with card and so is Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream. That coffee ice cream really does look good.

Private Selection Ice Cream is $3.29/each with card. That cherry variety looks real good. The Kroger Deluxe Party Pail Ice Cream is 128 fl oz’s. That is a lot of ice and a lot of cream.

The Duncan Hines Mega Cookie is $2.29 with card. You’ll need a few people to share that thing, it is really a mega cookie. That’s also Mud Cake and Easy Cake.

Kroger Ad for 2.9-2.15.2022