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Trader Joe’s Bibimbap Bowl Review

On this week’s Midnight Snack, we’re taking a look at something else we didn’t really know was a thing until just now. When it comes to Bibimbap bowls, “Bibim” means mixing various ingredients and “Bap” is another word for rice in Korean.

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Let’s take a look at those nutrition facts.

Trader Joe's Bibimbap Bowl Nutrition Facts

There’s a fairly even balance of different nutrients throughout the ol’ Bibimbap Bowl.

How bout those ingredients?

Trader Joe's Bibimbap Bowl Ingredients
Trader Joe’s Bibimbap Bowl Ingredients

If you look closely you’ll see the maltodextrin hiding in there. All in all, though, it looks like there’s some decent ingredients here. We’re not crazy about all the sodium but what can ya do?

Cooking Instructions

These were awesome. Really quick and to the point, the Trader Joe’s didn’t mess around with the prep for these things.

Trader Joe's Bibimbap Bowl Cooking Instructions
Really straightforward, quick and painless cooking.
Trader Joe's Bibimbap Bowl Still Frozen
(Pre-cooking) Look at all those ingredients in there.
Trader Joe's Bibimbap Bowl Cooked
Post cooking
Trader Joe's Bibimbap Bowl Cooked

The Review

Packaging: Above Average

Nutrition Facts: Average

Ingredients: Average

Taste: Above Average

Preparation: Above Average

Feeling 2 Hours Later: Very Above Average

Before today, I never knew what a Bibimbap was. I had some ideas about what a bowl was, but now things have really been cleared up and I’m pretty happy about that. This thing had whole egg, carrot, cauliflower, beef, and other vegetables in it. For being frozen, they tasted pretty decent. Cooking it was a breeze and eating it was even easier. I could see myself getting this again any day of the week.

Midnight Snack Rating: 9.3/10

Recommend? Yes

Bob Buckley

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