Midnight Snack: Wild Caught Frozen Salmon

Morey's Wild Caught Salmon

On this week’s Midnight Snack, I decided to get healthier but also not burn my wallet, so I wandered into the frozen section at Sam’s Club. I doubt that frozen, wild caught salmon is as fresh as, say, this:

But darn it, the finished product here comes pretty close for cost and convenience. At least I think it does. Not tryna wrestle with that furry guy to find out. That’s why I settled for Morey’s.

From the depths of the freezer. Evidently, I also don’t take enough Twix Breaks. 

Imagine that it’s 12:38 on a weeknight and you just realized you need your omega-3 fatty acids. Looking in the pantry, every can of tuna’s gone and every respectable seafood store in town’s closed for the night. But then, your eyes dart to the freezer when you realize there might be one Wild Caught Salmon left from Salmon’s Clu-er I mean, Sam’s Club. Bam, you’re set. In terms of the level of healthiness with these things: very. very healthiness.

Morey's Wild Caught Salmon Back of box

Very health. Much nutrition.

Morey's Wild Caught Salmon Nutrition Facts

Little more up-close of the nutrition facts.

Morey's Wild Caught Salmon Cooking Instructions

More back of the box stuff.

This one I had came in a pack of 6, 5 0z fillets. Each individual fillet was wrapped in these easy to open, air-tight plastic pouches:

Morey's air-tight package

Morey's Wild Caught Salmon Air-tight pouch in profile

Now that’s air-tight!

Bottom of Morey's Wild Caught Salmon

How bout that sauce?

Morey's Wild Caught Salmon and plate

The readying of the plate

Friendly suggestion: don’t get olive oil on your hands then try to get this open.

Morey's Wild Caught Salmon Bottom

After I managed to get it open. Olive oil on my hands may or may not have complicated the process.

Morey's Wild Caught Salmon out of package

Another shot, sort of squeezing it out like it’s a banana, sort of?

Morey's Wild Caught Salmon on the plate

Before the microwave.

There’s a little part in the cooking instructions that mentions covering the fish filet with a paper towel or wax paper. You may also notice that I did not do that. Our microwave paid the price…

Morey's Wild Caught Salmon Cooked

After the cooking was done. As you might notice, the seasoning spread out on the plate.

Morey's Wild Caught Salmon Cooked

Lil’ bit better shot of the salmon cooked.

Morey's Wild Caught Salmon Cooked

An up-close of our fish with its spread out seasoning.

The cooking instructions strongly recommended thawing overnight and then putting it in the oven, but who has time for that when there’s a straight to microwave option? For some reason, most of the seasoning that spread out was pretty crusty:


Now came the fun of getting all the skin off. Plus that grey stuff, too, which I’ve been told isn’t great to eat for most of my life. After some basic research, though, it looks like it’s okay to eat. Lessons were learned here today.

Morey's Wild Caught Salmon Skin Removal

Mmmmmm skinnnn

Morey's Wild Caught Frozen Salmon

Now how’d he get in there?

I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger and didn’t have to mess with scraping out the grey fish stuff, but whateva.

Scraping grey stuff off frozen salmon

The scraping of the salmon that I’ll probably never do again.

Once the grey stuff that didn’t really need to be scraped off was removed, I put my ready-to-eat fish on the plate for one last glance before it met its fate:

Morey's Salmon Cleaned Up

A nice clean fish.

Generic brown rice in tupperware

Generic accompanying brown rice, found in your local basement fridge.

Even though this article makes the process look a little bit longer to prepare our Morey’s, it probably took a grand total of 6 minutes. That’s also taking into account that I only needed to get rid of part of the skin. Would this be the best thing to try and eat late at night? Depends on how much you can think when you go to cook it. If you can line up all your brain compartments and remember to cover the fish and cut the skin off when it’s done, you’re golden.

Midnight Snack rating: 8.4/10

Recommend? Know what, I think so.

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