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Member’s Mark Pecan Halves Review

Member’s Mark Pecan Halves come in 2 pound bags. For the nut enthusiasts out there, this is a review you won’t want to miss.

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There’s a lot you can do with pecans. Besides just snacking on them, you can roast a baking sheet with cinnamon and sugar. Those are a great treat, plus, you can also make things like pecan pie and walnut cookies.

Additionally, they fit well with some savory meals, too. You can combine them with things like salads, sweet potatoes, and even some meat dishes like pork or beef.

Personally, I just like to through a serving (1 oz or a small handful) into my intermittent fast-breaking concoction that I eat every day around noon. That also includes walnuts, granola, almond milk, protein shake, and whatever sugar cereal looks good to me at the store. The Member’s Mark pecans halves add a nice flavor and more healthy fats to the meal.

Pecans are naturally sodium free and there’s no cholesterol in them. We’ll get more into that with the nutrition facts, though. This bag that we’ll be going over has approximately 8 cups of pecans in it.

Where Member’s Mark Pecan Halves Come From

There’s nothing on the packaging that actually explains where the Member’s Mark Pecan Halves come from. Sometimes they say where something is grown or harvested, but, these don’t. It just says that it’s a product of USA and Mexico, so it’s bound to be grown somewhere. Probably either Georgia, Texas, or somewhere in Mexico that I’m not as familiar with.

Nutrition Facts

Member's Mark Pecan Halves

Yea, I guess you could say these are loaded with healthy fats. They come packed with 26% of your daily fat content. Out of that, it’s got 10% of your daily amount of saturated fat. Only 1% of your daily carbs are in here. 1 oz is 200 calories and that’s an individual serving. For this reason, try not to go overboard eating these. Just a handful every day will be good to not over-do it.

There is a surprising amount of fiber, I guess I didn’t realize that nuts had so much of it in there. 11% of your daily value of that. We won’t do a separate paragraph for ingredients since, well, yea you get the picture. The ingredients are pecans.

How wild would it be though if these had all those other crazy ingredients like partially hydrogenated corn oil or corn flour? But yea no it’s just pecans in Member’s Mark Pecan Halves.

Although, the bag does say that this may contain almonds, walnuts, brazil nuts, cashews, filberts, pistachios, and peanuts.

If you’re wondering what a filbert is (like I was), it’s a nut that comes from a “cultivated hazel tree that bears edible oval nuts.” The more you nut!

….know, I meant the more you know.

Member’s Mark Pecan Halves Review

This is one of those that’s pretty straightforward. A pecan’s a pecan. Nuthin’ fancy. The Member’s Mark Pecan Halves are exactly as advertised: halves, pecans, and surrounded by other pecans.

Taste-wise, you guessed it: they taste like pecans. Pretty good ones, too. Together with the other ingredients of everything that I have with my protein/fat/carb fast-breaking mush, they are a great addition. I do wish I knew where these were grown, though. That’s the only thing that bugs me. Everything else is good in my book!

Nutrition Facts: Above Average

Ingredients: Above Average
Preparation: Above Average

Taste: Above Average

Rating: 8.7/10

Recommend Member’s Mark Honey Almond Granola? Yes