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evol. Gluten Free Uncured Bacon Mac & Cheese Review

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This week on Midnight Snack, we’re taking a look at a kind of hybrid of the last two evol meals we had: their uncured bacon mac & cheese.

People out in the world have said a variety of things about this meal, including but not limited to:

they are soooooo good, you will want to make two of them …

Great taste!! Can’t even tell it’s gluten free!!“-wait so does gluten taste good? What even is gluten again?

Then there was this review that didn’t really make sense at all and we’re pretty sure she was reviewing the wrong mac and cheese:

Don’t buy Ipecac, buy this. Same effect.

Before we get going, what even is uncured bacon? I don’t want to eat something with the flu. According to this, you could even argue that “uncured bacon doesn’t exist.” I’m pretty sure that this evol uncured bacon mac & cheese does, but one of it’s core ingredients might not. Anyhow, let’s get into it.

evol. gluten free uncured bacon mac & cheese
Three evol points on this mac. Mmmm points.
evol. gluten free uncured bacon mac & cheese back of the box
10,000 foot view of the back.
evol. gluten free uncured bacon mac & cheese nutrition facts
Nutritional facts.

Little bit of fat and cholesterol in there.

evol. gluten free uncured bacon mac & cheese ingredients
You can’t hide from us, xanthan gum.
evol. gluten free uncured bacon mac & cheese other food
Plugs for other products
evol. gluten free uncured bacon mac & cheese certified label
Guess the bacon’s not cured. More on that certified humane stuff here.

The Review

Packaging: Average

Nutrition Facts: Average

Ingredients: Average

Taste: Above Average

Preparation: Above Average

The ol’ uncured bacon mac and cheese without gluten. I figured that this one would probably be similar to the truffle mac and cheese from evol, but, it had its differences. The bacon had an interesting taste to it since it was in small bits. It was hard to tell if the bacon being uncured influenced anything at all, since the bacon was difficult to taste anyway. The bacon sort of tasted like grisly little bumps. The flavoring was good, though. Can’t say we liked the xanthan gum being in there. I get that it’s a thickener and sometimes necessary, but c’mon evol. As per usual, the mac and cheese part of this was insanely great. Overall, I think this deserves a solid rating but nothing over the top. It’s another one of those perfect midnight snacks to throw in the microwave late, or, really whenever.

Midnight Snack rating: 8.88/10

Recommend? Yes