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Cheerios Chocolate Peanut Butter Family Size Review

Cheerios do a great job in general of making breakfast healthy and fun. But what happens when two delicious things that normally only equal Reese‘s come together and join forces with a hometown favorite? Peanut Butter Cheerios, that’s what. Let’s take a look and see if they meet our rigorous Midnight Snack standards.

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It’s Family Size Cheerios

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Image Credit: This College Life (also an admission that this wasn’t done at Midnight!)

As you will notice, this is the size that can feed a family. Clocking in at 1 lb, 4.3 oz’s, this box of cereal is actually a beast. On the box, we can see some creamy peanut butter in a bowl and chocolate curls next to it on the table. That’s a pretty fancy spoon, too.


Nutrition Facts

Cheerios chocolate peanut butter Nutrition Facts
Credit: This College Life

It’s probably a good idea to stick with the actual serving size for this when you eat some since there’s a lot of nutrients packed in each. You get 20% of your daily recommended Iron, Thiamin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12 and Zinc. Given that this cereal has chocolate and peanut butter in it, the 9 grams of sugar actually seems a little bit lower than a lot of other “healthy” cereals out there.

Cheerios Ingredients

chocolate peanut butter cereal Ingredients
Credit: This College Life

That front of the box statement saying “no artificial flavors or colors” holds true if you take a look at what’s in this. All in all things look pretty healthy. According to website Tom’s of Maine, a Tocopherol is “a fat soluble vitamin from a class of organic compounds, many of which are known to have Vitamin E activity.”

If Bioengineered Food Ingredients concern you, they have a bit more info on that at https://www.generalmills.com/ask or typing in the ask.generalmills.com URL on the box works, too.

Back of The Cheerios Box

Back of The Box
Credit: This College Life
Cheerios Chocolate And Peanut Butter Up Close
Credit: This College Life

If you want to see those whole grain oats going into Cheerios (regular, not these chocolate ones) you can see that here:

The Cheerios Review

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We bought these in a nervous quarantine-stock up rush through Lunds and Byerly’s not too long ago. The great news is that they don’t disappoint. If you like regular Honey Nut Cheerios, chocolate and peanut butter, then you’ll love these.

The only major difference (outside of the flavor) looks to be that these don’t have the “heart healthy” designation that other Cheerios do. Snacking on cereal offers a perfect little charge of energy (sometimes when you need it most) and these have the added benefit of being sweet, but not too sweet.

Unfortunately for chocolate lovers, it doesn’t have a very pronounced taste of that flavor, it’s kind of distant. The peanut butter can be a little over-powering, which is good news for everyone who’s a fan of the spread.

This passes in our book as being good for breakfast or any other time of the day, especially because of all those nutrients packed into one cup. I wandered upstairs and grabbed a handful at least a few nights between 1 and 5 am.

Packaging: Average

Nutrition Facts: Above Average

Ingredients: Above Average

Taste: Above Average

Preparation: Above Average

Midnight Snack Rating: 8.98/10

Recommend? Yep