Reggano Rotini From Aldi Review

Reggano Rotini is in my bowl for review today. I like some good pasta once in a while. Personally, I aim to be more gluten-free these days, but, nothing beats a little pasta when I need some carbs in my diet.

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This isn’t the first product I’ve gotten from Aldi’s pasta brand. Their shells and white cheddar was pretty tasty and easy to make when I had that recently. I decided to boil this on the stove and then cut up a pork chop to have with it.

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Reggano Rotini Nutrition Facts

Reggano Rotini Nutrition Facts

You get a nice 200 calories in each serving of this Aldi pasta. Within those calories, you won’t find much other than carbs and protein. There’s also quite a few vitamins and minerals. Look at all that Thiamin!

I am sort of surprised that there’s not more iron in there. Anyway, two servings of this will almost put you at 100% for Thiamin and definitely 100% for your daily amount of folate.


The ingredients in this aren’t too chemically sounding, which is a plus. The whole thing is basically durum wheat and the vitamins. In addition to those things, this Reggano Rotini may also contain eggs.

Besides the ingredients, this box, like many before and after it, is marked with the Aldi guarantee. That means they will replace an item and refund the purchase price if you don’t feel that it’s up to par.

The Reggano Rotini Review

As you know, I boiled this up and chopped some pork in with it. Overall, the Reggano Rotini was okay even without sauce, butter, or cheese added. Granted, the pork being good skewed that analysis a bit. The shells and cheese that I did could be fine on their own, however, this Reggano Rotini really did need at least something mixed into it to be complete.

But yea, anyway, this is a solid staple that you should keep in your cabinet. It wasn’t very expensive, either. A box of these runs right around $1.00 and you get plenty of it. I actually think that I over-ate with 3 servings/600 calories. I’ll be making the rest of the Reggano Rotini for sure.

Nutrition Facts: Average

Ingredients: Average

Preparation: Average

Taste: Average

Rating: 6.75/10

Recommend? Yes