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Someone Already Making $120,000 Does This Side Hustle Anyway

Why would someone take up an extra side hustle when they make six figures already?

Either they increased their lifestyle spending along with their income and need the extra dough, or, they genuinely love what they do.

This one’s the latter.

There’s a guy in my office who’s a sales executive making $120,000 a year (and doing a good job of it) who goes and bar tends on the weekends. He mainly does it because it’s not a bad gig and you can make some serious side cash doing it.

Another friend of mine from college had a great business analyst role right out of school and worked the Friday and Saturday night shifts at one of our towny bars just, because.

Think you would want to try out bar tending as a side hustle?

There are a number of online schools where you can get your feet wet, pun intended.

Udemy has an awesome course taught by Michael Miller:

Bartending Mastery – Cocktail & Bartending Masterclass

This course takes his experience from bar tending around the world and condenses it into great entry level training that will give you the fundamentals needed for applying to your first gig.

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BarSmarts offers training to those who are just getting started, experienced professionals and team resources for managers. Once registered, participants have 60 days to complete the online program.

They also offer day-long workshop events for education and mixology instruction (provided you graduate the BarSmarts program).

Their entry level course is called “BarStarts” and includes

  • Fundamentals of bar tending
  • Intro to Spirits & Liqueurs
  • Basic Production Methods
  • Essentials for correct service
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TIPS Certification

The TIPS program (training for intervention procedures) has prepared over 3 million graduates in the last 20 years to handle a number of different situations on the job. Their proven courses prepare servers in the bar & restaurant, casino, liquor store and concessions industries.

  • TIPS Alcohol Certification is valid or accepted in bars/restaurants in 44 states.
  • Designed to prevent under age drinking, intoxication and drunk driving.
  • This will be mandatory depending on the state you bar tend in
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Those three resources have helped hundreds get into the bar tending game.

Whether you have a job that pays really well or are still looking, bar tending is a gig that many have embraced as a solid source of side income where they also get to meet interesting folks in the process. If bar tending doesn’t seem like your cup of spiked tea, there are many other side hustle ideas you could consider to feed the pig. Check out this list of a bunch of them here.

Bob Buckley

Bob Buckley writes about food and business.