Finding a Job

How to Get Noticed By Employers 

Toward the end of college, every senior probably begins to wonder, “WHAT AM I GONNA DO!?!” as they look at their mountain of debt. It dawns on them that if they don’t get their butt in gear soon, they’ll be swimming around the interest for a few hundred years. There’s a pretty simple solution there, and it’s getting a job. As tempting as it is to just bang on the drum all day, no. Bad millennial. Stawp it. While it may seem like your grades aren’t great, experience is bad, and resume is garbage, that doesn’t matter. Ok, it sorta matters. But if you graduated college there’s a strong chance a recruiter is floating out on the internet somewhere looking for you. We took the liberty of scraping together a few suggestions from our experience on the internet, each bound to send at least a few emails your way.

  • JOB. SITES. Job sites Job sites Job sites Job sites.
    • Got a little carried away there sorry. A number of fantastic job searching sites are out there, and some of my favorites so far have been Monster and Indeed. You put your resume out on these, and you better have a second email setup because get ready for more messages than you can handle from recruiters and staffing agencies. I won’t exaggerate, a fair amount of them are in the sales pool. Life insurance, Insurance insurance (State Farm, Farmers etc.) and other cold calling-y related jobs. However, you will also get pestered by staffing agencies, which have a lot of connections in a wide range of industries. The brings us to the next important point….
  • Temp-to-hire
    • This is a fair amount of what the staffing agencies do, no matter what your specialty. They find you a job that isn’t permanent, but if you grind your tail off for the company, they will likely make you an offer you can’t refuse.

  • Career Fair
    • These are great for an informal chat with the person who might be interviewing you. Just don’t get carried away running around a convention center with all your friends in nice suits like it’s Wolfe of Wall Street. There’s a time and place for that, and here the goal is make that job connection.
  • Sending A Resume
    • Send that thing right to the head of HR’s office. Actually don’t because they get like a thousand emails every day and the chances of them seeing it are Slim Jim to none. What you should do, on the other hand, is send a resume to anyone whose name you can scrape up on LinkedIn that might do the hiring for wherever you want to work. This isn’t that tough. Oh yea LinkedIn….
  • The In of all Links
    • If you strike your information down now into LinkedIn, you will become more marketable than you can possibly imagine. Kinda. When I say that I mean being able to have a conversation with an experienced professional and close it out with “So, are you on LinkedIn?”. If you do this and progressively grow your network, when job hunting time comes around your options will be substantially better. Plus you might start to notice mutual connections with people you know really well and get them to help. In case I haven’t said it enough, LinkedIn. Use it. Have a suit on in your profile pic too.

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