Spring Cleaning: 3 Spring Jobs That Earn Money

Spring cleaning is a time to get rid of the cob webs and other gunk built up over the winter.

It’s also a time when you might be able to make some extra money. Tons of people out there need services done and help with projects to get ready for nicer weather.

You can earn a few extra bucks to pad your wallet by pitching in and answering help-wanted ads. Heck, you could put up signs offering to help for a certain hourly rate and they might call you!

Here are a few spring cleaning jobs that you can do in your spare time once winter thaws.

1. Spring Cleaning Mud

Unless you live in a state that has mild winters, you probably know how muddy everything gets once the snow melts. This spring cleaning usually involves everywhere from sidewalks to entire yards – front and back.

You probably have most of the tools to do this kind of work, so you won’t need to make any major investments. You’ll at least need a shovel and a rake to do most of it.

Having a hose helps, too, and most people probably have one of those for you to use on their sidewalk. You can put up signs offering to help people with this type of thing.

In case you don’t want to do it on your own, there are plenty of landscaping jobs out there hiring in March – no college degree required.

2. Car Wash

Winter gets a lot of cars dirty. Between all the salt and other gunk we have on the roads, many people put a car wash on their spring cleaning to-do list.

We’re not saying you should walk up to random strangers and offer to wash their cars, but, it does present an opportunity. You can easily pick up some shifts at your local car wash around this time of the year.

The best part is that washing a car won’t put you at risk of spreading or getting any covid-19. It’s true that you’ll be facing some competition from the automatic car washes out there, but a lot of folks still like the human scrub.

3. Spring Cleaning: Grass Cutting

Okay, maybe cutting grass is technically just a recurring spring chore. But, once that green starts to grow, it’s usually part of most people’s spring cleaning activities.

I enjoyed 6 consistent years of cutting grass for people from age 12 to 18. Yes, a lot of my shoes turned green and the dirt on my shins was pretty grimy, but there’s something fun about cutting grass.

Just don’t breathe in too much of the exhaust from the mower. I probably shortened my lungs’ lifespan by doing that.

Putting signs up around the neighborhood will probably get you a few phone calls from people interested. The going rate back in my day was $25 to cut a medium-sized city lawn. That took about half an hour to do and felt like a pretty good gig.

For 2021, it looks like lawn mowing rates run more in the wheelhouse of $49 to $219, according to Home Advisor.

Tying It All Together

It feels good when winter’s over. The birds are chirping, the warm sun is starting to peek out at us, and there’s money to be made. You can easily rake in a few extra bucks on the weekends starting in March by making yourself available to help with spring cleaning activities around the neighborhood.