Frys Ad

Frys Ad is where we’ll be focused on here. This is the page where it all happens, where we post the weekly ad and go through some of the great looking deals in it that you can use to save some money. There are some deals on awesome foods, snacks, you name it.

Frys is an awesome grocery chain on the cutting edge of basically everything. Let’s start with employee engagement. They do this thing called a Community Immunity Giveaway. That ended up giving its first winner $1 million dollars of prize money. I hope they mentioned it in that week’s Frys Ad!

Christine, their store associate looked pretty happy in the picture! They’re also pretty up-to-date on technology. You can get your groceries from there delivered via drone. DRONES! That’s pretty cool. Now, let’s talk about what you might see in the ad.

Frys Ad: What You Might Find

They have a lot of fruit. There’s private selection heirloom navel or cara cara navel oranges or Minneola’s. There’s Simple Truth Organic Honeycrisp Apples, too. Private Selection Fruit looks great in the freezer section.

There have been sightings in the Frys Ad of Simple Truth Organic Gala, Granny Smith and Fuji Apples. Also, you will probably find Simple Truth Organic Mixed Color Bell Peppers. Believe it or not, those are fruits, too. They aren’t fruits in my book but they definitely are. Lots of health benefits to eating peppers.

They also have apple juice in case you prefer to drink your apples. There’s also freeze-dried fruit from Simple Truth. That looks pretty good. They have mixed fruit medleys in the Frys Ad, too. I mean, I don’t know if every ad will have those, but we can always dream. They also have Bare Baked Fruit Chips, those are good.

Meats and Other Good Stuff

They have delicious lookin stuff like Boneless Beef Petite Sirloin Steaks. Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets, and Seasoned Atlantic Salmon. In addition to that, you can make some meatloaf with their Fresh 93% Lean Ground Beef.

You’ll need drinks if you’re making meat or fish. They’ve got you covered there, too. Coke and Pepsi products are usually a pretty good deal. They’ve also got some more adult beverages like Coors Light, Bud Light, and Mich Ultra.

There are also plenty of sides for any meal in the Frys Ad. You can find Tostitos Scoops, Doritos, and things like Lays Classic chips. They also have Cheetos crunchy and those awesome Garden Salsa Sun Chips. The garden salsa ones really are incredible. Stonefire Naan Dippers also look good.