CVS Hours So You Know When You Can Go

CVS hours are pretty good, they’re open a lot. At the same time, your location could be different, so always double check by calling or looking online first. We’re going to be going over the hours that most locations are typically open.

Generally speaking, CVS hours are 7 am to 9 pm. However, some locations open after 7 (at 8 am) and some close before 9 (8 pm usually).

CVS Hours: A Little More Detail

Certain days could also be different, however, from what we’ve seen, they aren’t really. Saturdays and Sundays usually have the same hours as the rest of the week does. You can get a lot of different services at CVS, too.

They have things like vaccines to keep you healthy and all kinds of various supplements, too. You can get tests done for things like COVID, use their pharmacy, they accept SNAP and WIC.

Food too?

That’s right, knowing the CVS hours is also important because you might need a snack late at night. They have lots of frozen things like food, pizza, you name it. There are a few different types of frozen meals at my local place.

On top of the frozen meals, there are also a lot of different dry goods that you can buy. Things like snacks, energy bars, and probably even dried fruits. Don’t quote us on those dried fruits. It’s like, they probably have them, but we can’t be sure.

CVS Hours Are Good to Know If You Need Personal Items

That’s right, you’ll want to know when it’s open or closed because there will probably be times where you need things like toothpaste or prophylactics. They also have toothbrushes, hairbrushes and a lot of hair care products that you can check out.

Frankly, they have nearly everything so make sure you double check on their website here to make sure the CVS hours are correct here before you go. Thanks!

*We’re not affiliated at all with CVS, although we shop there a decent amount.