Aldi Ad for you to look at this week

Aldi Ad for 3.27-4.2.2022 to View Online

Aldi Ad for 3.27-4.2.2022 is what we’re looking at here. We’ll be going over a handful of important deals and finding the good foods that they have. You’ll be able to find fruit, meat, yogurt and more awesome foods this week.

They have Cantaloupe for $1.69 each in the Aldi Ad for 3.27-4.2.2022. That looks pretty flavorful. There’s also some mangoes for 79 cents each. Those have great fiber and an awesome amount of vitamin C in them.

Pineapples are $1.89 each. Fancy Medjool Dates are $4.99 per 1-Lb package. For 59 cents, you can grab some Cucumbers. They have Fresh Grean Beans for $2.99 per 1-LB package.

Get some Klement’s Polish Style Sausage for $7.49. That looks pretty darn good.

Aldi Ad for 3.27-4.2.2022 Has Chicken Breasts

Fresh Family Pack of thin-sliced chicken breasts are $2.49 per Lb. Kirkwood Fresh 85/15 Ground Turkey. Fresh Family Pack Organic Grass-Fed 85/15 ground beef is $4.49 per pound. That looks like it’d be really good for making some burgers at some point.

They offer some Priano Tri-Color or Cheese Tortellini for $2.85. Grab some Simply Nature Organic Whole Milk Greek Yogurt Plain or Vanilla Bean for $5.29. Happy Farms Spreadable Cheese Wedges are $2.99 each.

Lunch Mate Hard Salami is $3.39. They have Friendly Farms Mocha Iced Coffee for $2.99. Gay Lea Coconut Whipped Topping is $3.19. For $2.99, grab a Park Street Deli Classic or Red Pepper Hummus Mini Cups.

More Great Deals on Things Like Cereal, Keto Bars

Nature’s Nectar Coconut Water is $3.35 in the Aldi Ad for 3.27-4.2.2022. They have Keto Bars in assorted varieties, those are $6.29. Some Bake Shop Strip Danish is $3.95.

Millville Honey Graham Squares are $1.95. Elevation ONLY Bars are $3.79 in assorted varieties. Some Simply Nature Organic Popcorn is $2.99, that’s looking pretty good.

Bremer Cheeseburger or Chicken Pita Melts are $4.99 each. Can confirm, chicken pita melts are incredible.

More Aldi Savers deals in the Aldi Ad for 3.27-4.2.2022: They have Specially Selected Macarons for $4.59, which were voted a 2022 Best New Product. Get a Breakfast Best Original or Maple Pre-Cooked Sausage Patties for $7.39.

Aldi Ad for 3.27-4.2.2022 Has Toys, Workout Equipment

Get some Zuru Rainbocorns for $19.99 each. Calico Critters are $8.99 each. Hasbro FurReal Pets are $17.99. Zuru 5-surprise Mini Brands are $5.99. A Megatoys Easter Basket Gift Set is $14.99 each.

Get some Crane 50-Lb Adjustable Dumbbell for $169.99. That looks like it could really help you pump some iron. They also have Weider Adjustable Workout Bench for $84.99. Homedics Rejuvenate Sound Spa is $19.99. Get a Crane Shaker Bottle for $6.99 in the Aldi Ad for 3.27-4.2.2022.

Bedding and More

Pick up some Huntington Home Velvet Comforter or Quilt Sets for $34.99. Those look pretty neat. They’ve also got some Huntington Home 4-piece Reversible Bedding Set is $39.99.

Serra Ladies’ Lounge Pants are $11.99. For $9.99, you can grab an Auto XS 7-in-1 Auto Emergency Power Tool. Easy Home Stackable Storage Bin is $14.99. There’s also an Easy Home 2-Step Folding Step Stool for $19.99 that looks pretty good.